Thursday, August 9, 2012

Bring Your Pet to Work Day!

Two weeks ago, we decided we needed a special day at work.  After all, we had been working long, crazy hours. We had been meeting with 12 clients a day, planned an event in less than a week, and so much more. So, while the reps were out (and therefore no clients!) we had our first (and probably last) Bring Your Pet to Work Day!

Leo in the Copy Room

To be clear, before doing this, we cleared it with everyone in the office. There was no reason why the two of us who wanted to bring our pets should be able dictate that everyone else in the office just deal with it.

Let's just say? The day was not easy.  First off, is this what having a child is going to be like? Taking two trips to get everything into the car? A litter box, food, toys, water dish, and more. Oh, and then putting the cats in the carrier. By the way, Leia has grown considerably since they last shared a carrier. I do not think they were comfortable.

Cuddly Leo
This led to fighting and whining most of the car ride.  They hate car rides. And my little Leia was so scared most of the way.

And then when we got there? Leia was still terrified. She spent most (like 95%) of the day hiding. I felt so bad for her. I was going to take her home at lunch, but she had gone from hiding in my boss' office (where I knew where she was) to hiding in the supply room where I didn't find her until after lunch.
Leo on my desk

How can I get comfortable here?

Maybe I'll take the chair
Leo was a big fan of all the attention he got that day.  Attention from me, attention from my co-workers, and a new place to explore?  What more could he want?
A dog free environment for one.  You see, Liz brought her Tigger.  And Tigger?  Tigger is a dog.  Leo is not a fan.  Now, Tigger is a 4 pound Yorkie.  Leo is a 12 pound cat.  Is Tigger a threat? No. But, in Leo's world, yes. So very much.  He arched his back. His fur stood on end. He hissed like you wouldn't believe.  All at a very calm little dog.  Tigger would just look at Leo like "Dude, what's your problem?" before returning to his rest.  I don't think Tigger made a sound all day.
Hard work! I'm thirsty!
Once Tigger was between Leo and where Leo wanted to go, so I carried Leo.  I thought he would be fine in my arms, but he still freaked! He hissed at me and tried to escape!

This is Leia hiding. Poor baby. :(
I can help file!
The day was fun, busy, stressful, and nice all at once. It was a good one time thing, but I don't think we'll be repeating it.

I'll watch you work from up here.
When we finally got home (after de-furring the whole office!), Leia was so scared. She ran and hid.  I gave her her space and let her eat her favorite meal in solitude as well.  She deserved some alone time. Later that night, she was ready to come out and get some Mommy-comfort-cuddles.
No pictures! Get back to work!

Maybe if I hide in my carrier, Mommy will take me home!

I can see you, Mommy!

I'm waiting....

I'll take a nap while I wait
I'll watch you from back here...

You don't need your keyboard really, do you?

Petting me is more fun than typing.

Tigger wore his business casual. :)

In summary, 2 words "Never again."

Resting at the End of a Hard Work Day

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  1. LOL...that was awesome. =) I love the pictures too...and I wonder how productive you were today?!?!? The pictures must surely count for something. =)

    Glad you had a tiresome day...hope you're sleeping as peacefully tonight. =)