Friday, July 13, 2012

Ten Weeks!

We have hit double digits! This probably feels like more of a milestone than it actually is. :)

My baby is now the size of a prune, but in my opinion, looks more like a gummy bear. Here's the gummy!
How far along:

10 weeks!

Maternity Clothes:

Here's the thing about maternity clothes. Once you start wearing them, it's easy to justify continuing to wear them.... they are so comfy.  So, I wore one pair of maternity pants this week. I hadn't done laundry.  I was extra bloated. So I wore them. Other days, it was regular dresses or the Bella band.


Bleh. You'd think how tired I am, I'd be sleeping like a champ. I'm not. At all. But when I sleep, I dream strange dreams, so there's that. But I'm tossing and turning every night and my legs are super achy.

Best Moment:

Seeing the baby on the ultrasound. Hearing the little heartbeat and hearing it's a strong heartbeat. 175 beats per minute!

Food Cravings:

Food sounding good? Not this week.


I'm still leaning toward boy, but having more and more moments when I think it might be a girl.

What I Miss

Not being so tired and nauseous. And my clothes fitting right.


Nausea, cramping, exhaustion, and round ligament pain.  Also, apparently, my skin is averaging my age and the baby's age which brings my skin to teenage level.  Yay for acne!

What I'm Looking Forward To

The end of the first trimester is in sight. I keep hearing I'll regain energy and ability to eat. I hope it's true. In non-pregnancy news, next Friday should mark the end of my 55 hour work weeks, and I'm looking forward to that.

Weekly Wisdom

I've had massive doctor drama that I may or may not blog about later (I've been lazy).  I now have a practice that I'm comfortable with and feel I can trust. So my advice on that is don't settle for a practice that is disorganized, makes you feel unimportant, and makes you worry that they're incompetent.


Overly emotional.  Super happy, but also overly sensitive.


Well, baby's bones and cartilage start forming this week! Yay!  Also, I think seeing our child and deciding on tentative names are both milestones. :)


  1. Awe...I see a little baby!!!!!! How super exciting!!!!!

    I'm sorry, but I had to laugh at the "Yay for acne!" remark. LOL. You're a riot. I'd like to know what's my's not pregnancy, that's for sure.

    Thanks for sharing with us each to feel connected...and can't wait to KNOW what this little one's gender actually is...instead of all this guess work. =) Have a great weekend.

  2. Ahh OMG congratulations! SO exciting!! There is nothing like having a baby - the most exciting thing in the world! Funny I was just talking to my husband last night saying how having babies is the best thing ever - and thinking how sad I will be when we're done having kids - there's nothing as exciting as being pregnant and bringing a new baby home! Anyway - enjoy! :)