Monday, July 2, 2012


After the wonderful ceremony and about an hour of picture taking, it was time for the reception!!! Yay!  Our bridal party walked in to the Throne Room End Title from Star Wars. We walked into the Main Theme from Star Wars. (I wish I knew how to encode music on the blog so you could hear how cool it is.)
Our friend Nathan (my matron of honor's husband) was our MC.  He did a fabulous job, except the part where he almost made me cry by talking about what a wonderful friend I was to his wife and how he had prayed for me.

Groomsmen relaxing

MC Nathan with the adorable Brayden

Some of the food
The food was really good! Roast beef, chicken, mostaccioli (which I can't eat), potatoes, green beans (which I don't eat), and salad. There may have been more.
After dinner, we had 3 speeches. First my maid of honor Ashley spoke.  She did a really sweet job and talked about how she had introduced me and John.

Next up was Paul, the best man. He had threatened all kinds of inappropriate jokes for the speech. Luckily, he was only messing with me. His speech was very sweet as well.

Next up was Ashley, my matron of honor.  He speech was super, super sweet as well.  We both teared up. 

We were so blessed to be surrounded by our closest friends and family that day.

Next up was cake cutting.  We cut the top layer not by mistake but because it was the gluten free layer. The cake was marble, and very yummy!

No cake smashing here!

In the South, they have a tradition called the Groom's Cake.  It's something that represents the interest of the groom. In our case, we did Darth Vadar's helmet to represent John's Star Wars love. I thought it turned out really, really well!

There were also some candies I made and chocolate dipped Oreos. Going back, I probably wouldn't have done these since they were a ton of extra work that last week before the wedding.

For the bouquet toss, it seemed to mainly be a battle between Ashley and my friend Melissa.

Ashley won. :) Look at Camille's shocked expression!
Then for the garter throw. I wasn't comfortable with the way some people do garter throws, so instead I pushed the garter down to my ankle right before we got ready to do this.
The funny part was Caleb. He was quite curious as to what this was all about. :)
But then he decided to try to catch it instead.
But my 4 year old nephew didn't stand much of a chance against Paul, the 6 foot 7 best man. :)
So he went back to helping Uncle John throw it.
Coincidentally, our maid of honor and best man caught our bouquet and garter!
With our dear friends
With Camille

Ashley, Nathan, and Brayden

With Gage

Two of my cousins, Stephanie and Tina
We left to sparklers and bubbles (no rice or bird seed for us!).  I didn't want to give the kids sparklers, so that's why they got bubbles.

So much fun! Then we went with our bridal party to take pictures in a nearby park!

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  1. Caleb was tooo cute! Loved him checking out the action! Great pictures.