Monday, July 23, 2012

Pictures in the Park Part 2 - The Guys

The male portion of the wedding party (other than the cuties, Caleb, Evan, Gage, and Cole) has been pretty neglected on this blog. So for the second part of the pictures in the park, I thought we would focus on the guys.  These friends and family traveled from far away to be with us on our special day (only one was local!).  They all were even willing to wear pink for our big day. 

While John was posing with the ladies, I was posing with the guys at first.
From Left - Chris, Jason, Cameron, me, Paul, Stephen, Daniel, and Philip

I think Cameron bore the brunt of the weight on this one. Me plus a 20 pound dress. :) Chris, Stephen, and Philip didn't even appear helpful. :)

John and his guys!
Nice picture of John and the guys

Handsome Groom

John and his Best Man and long-time best friend Paul (traveled from Alabama)

John and his friend Philip (he traveled from Alabama for the wedding!)
Another with Philip

John and his brother-in-law Stephen (also from Alabama)

John and our friend Jason (only one already in Michigan!)

John and my cousin/our friend Daniel (who flew in from Malawi, Africa)

John and his friend Chris (who drove in from Missouri!)

Two of my favorite guys- my husband and my brother (who came from Singapore)

If any of you guys read this, thanks for being a part of our special day!

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