Monday, July 16, 2012

Pictures at the Park - Part 1

After the reception and taking a few more pictures at the church, we freshened up and then headed with the bridal party to take pictures at a nearby park that we love.

There were a few minor hiccups on the way. The limo was supposed to be big enough for the whole bridal party (I reiterated with them several times the number we had and was assured) - it wasn't. Not even close. It fit HALF of us. Also, the air wasn't working. Or it was, but just a little. Keep in mind, it was an unseasonably warm 92 degrees!

So our honor attendants and siblings rode with us. The rest drove on their own.  Then the limo driver got lost. Yes, despite his assurances that he knew where we were going. Sigh.

Jump shot #1
Then we got to the park, and couldn't find the photographer.  Eventually we had to google her webpage from a groomsman's Iphone to call her (she'd been trying to call me, John, my matron of honor, but all of our phones were at the church still).  She and her assistant were at a different entrance of the park.

I loved a lot of the pictures we got, but there are so many that I'm splitting them into separate posts.
Jump shot #2 was better :)

Again, didn't Jody do an amazing job on flowers?

Another pretty detail shot

Whole bridal party from an angle

The Handsome Groom and the beautiful bridesmaids

My handsome husband and dear friends

Bridal party

Again, the groom and the bridesmaids

Just us!
Black and White shot
Another full bridal party shot

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  1. Lovely lovely pictures! I think outdoor photos are so nice! =)