Friday, July 6, 2012

Nine Weeks

My baby is now the size of a green olive.

How far along:

9 weeks!

Maternity Clothes:

So, in honor of driving 10 hours on Saturday, going on vacation Sunday, and more, I really wanted some comfy pants so I wouldn't have to wear dresses or tight waistbands my whole vacation. (Especially since most of my summer clothes were already tight...)  So, I bought a pair at a thrift store of maternity capris.  They were only $2 so even if I don't wear them much, totally worth it. I loved them.  I wish I could live in them.  :)

I also bought one of those Bella Bands. I wore it one day but didn't love it.


I got some good rest on vacation, but I'm still having a lot of insomnia type moments. Last night, I think I fell asleep around 2. :(

Best Moment:

We were on vacation relaxing for a lot of this week. It was wonderful to relax, think about the baby, and talk about the baby with family. Gage and Cole found out and are SO excited. They have name suggestions and everything!

Food Cravings:

Not much. Cold foods like popsicles and ice cream, but that probably has a lot more to do with the 100 degree temperatures and being outdoor than pregnancy.


I'm still leaning toward boy, but having more and more moments when I think it might be a girl.

What I Miss

Not being so tired and nauseous. And my clothes fitting right.

Nausea, cramping, exhaustion, and sore breasts. Nothing I can't handle though. ;)

What I'm Looking Forward To
I'm supposed to ACTUALLY have an ultrasound this week. Let's hope this doctor is more reliable than the last.

Weekly Wisdom

I can't think of any right now.


Still overly emotional.  But not too bad. :)

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