Saturday, July 7, 2012

June Review

My, how things change in a month.....

You see, I wrote this post June 1st. It reviewed how my goals went for the month of May. A week before that, I wrote this post which included a couple of things I was absolutely, no question going to do this summer....

Surprise! On June 2nd, I found out I was pregnant.  Let's just say that pretty much rules out both weight loss and roller coasters.

So, goals are flexible.  But here is how I did on my goals for last month.

 1) Get healthier overall, but particularly in weight loss. 
Hmmm... well, no weight loss. Gain, actually. But I have been eating healthier.  I've been trying to be more active, but it's hard because of the morning sickness (all day!) and the incredible heat.

2) Read at least 25 books in 2012, 10 non-fiction/educational.
I'm way ahead of schedule on this. It breaks down to about 2 a month, and I read 3 last month, including 2 non-fictions.

3) Read through my Bible at least once. This is one thing I try to do every year. 
I don't have an exact tally, but I'm confident I'll finish this year. 

4) Spend time with a friend at least once a month. Whether it's grabbing coffee, going shopping, etc., it's important to make time for those around us.
Yep! I hung out with Ashley, Linda, and Dy.  Some of my very closest friends. :)

5) Stick to the budget that we have worked out.
I did not do a good job keeping track this month...

6) Blog at least 3 times a month. I love blogging, but I just don't always get around to it!
Easily, easily met this. Let me go back and check - 24 posts. Way more than 3. :)

So, did a good to okay job ono all but number 5.  Will work on that this month!

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  1. WooHoo!!! It's so wonderful to meet goals. =) I haven't really had any particular ones, but I have a list of things to do as soon as I get home. =) See you soon!