Saturday, July 21, 2012

Eleven Weeks!

My baby is now the size of a lime!  

This post is a day late because my usual Friday blogging time was spent in the ER. Sigh. I would have rather been blogging. :)

How far along:

11 weeks!

Maternity Clothes:

I wore my maternity capris again, but other than that, regular clothes.  I did wear my Bella Band a couple of days. 


Not the greatest. I wake up several times a night.  I've been having trouble getting comfortable.  But it's okay.

Best Moment:

I can't think of any one moment this week that sticks out.

Food Cravings:

Yeah, nothing.  Popsicles when I couldn't keep any food down, but I don't know if that counts. Actually, last night I really wanted pizza (our nurse in the hospital was telling us she had it for lunch) but after no food staying down for 24 hours, I didn't think it was the best choice.


I'm about 50-50 on what I think it is.

What I Miss

Not being sick.  But it will be worth it. :)


Intense nausea, vomiting, headaches, and still acne.  

What I'm Looking Forward To

The end of the first trimester sounds good! Plus we have another ultrasound in about a week and a half!

Weekly Wisdom

Call your doctor if you think you need to.  Don't worry about what they'll think.  I almost didn't call yesterday because I thought they would think I was overreacting, but I'm so glad I did.


Happy, but also a little grumpy. I think not feeling good and being stressed is getting to me a little. :)


Our baby's tooth buds are forming this week. And our first hospital visit is probably a not so good milestone.

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  1. Are you okay? I'm very worried about you...please let me know how I can pray.

    I was thinking of you this fact, I bought you something, or two somethings. =) I'll be sending them along with the folks when they return to MI.

    Praying for you.