Sunday, July 1, 2012

Dyanna, Wonderful Person and Bridesmaid

Where to start with my friend Dyanna?  We met probably 7 years ago? She's the children's pastor at the main church that started our church.  I've worked with her for probably the last 6.5 years in there.  We've become excellent friends.
February 2011 - Downtown Detroit
My first wedding dress shopping experience did not go the greatest.  High pressure salesperson, not great selection, etc.  I told Dyanna about it.  She insisted we go again together where she would keep the sales people in check. So we made plans to do so.  This also worked out perfectly because I wanted to see her in person to ask her to be in the wedding. She was SO excited and immediately agreed. We ended up shopping for wedding dresses and looking at bridesmaid dresses as well. (And she did a great job with the sales people. She's perfected her "Don't mess with the bride" face. See below for proof.)

For example, when we went bridesmaid dress shopping, I saw several dresses I wanted to try on. The consultant was being.... challenging. Next thing I know, Dy was pulling the dresses off the rack herself. And helping me into them. And forcing the consultant into cooperation. :)

Throughout the wedding planning process, she was a supportive friend, listening ear, helpful to the extreme (last minute shopping trips, helping set up for the reception, even helping me get dressed), and so much more. The day of the rehearsal and day of the wedding, she even was in charge of making sure I remembered to eat. (Yes, this actually was an issue.)

Through the years, we've grown super close.  We can talk for hours on end.  We can also communicate without talking. :)

Now, we're both in the process on embarking on a new phase of life together - we're both becoming mommies!  She's in the process of adopting a baby girl from China! Our "plan" is for her to become a mommy in November or so and me in February. (Please pray for her adoption! It's a complicated process!) We've even arranged play dates already. :)

I am blessed to have such a kind, caring, listening, wonderful friend in my life and in my wedding.  Love you, Dy!

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