Friday, June 1, 2012

Thirty Day Blog Challenge - Day One

My blog twin, Rachel, just started a 30 day blog challenge. I like blog challenges, so I figured I would try it too.

Is it cheating if I only do it on days I don't have something else to write about? That way, I can write what I want to when so inspired but at the same time have something in case I don't? Hm.... I think I shall rule it within the rules. That way, there aren't multiple posts a day from me. :)

Anyway, Day One says to list 20 random facts about myself.  As regular readers can attest, I am good at being random.  So, this should be easy for me.

1) My favorite color for the longest time was purple. Then, it suddenly switched to pink. Now, while pink is my favorite, I can honestly say I like them almost equally.

2) If I like a movie or book, I can watch/read it many, many times. You know how some people will only watch or read something once, I'm the total opposite. There are books that I think I have easily read 20 times and movies I've probably seen 30 or more times.

3) Speaking of movies/books, I can't handle violence. I cover my eyes or skim really, really fast.

4) Sometimes I get the urge to cook or bake and try new recipes. I generally enjoy it, but then the clean-up process reminds me why I don't do this more often.

5) I'm not a fan of nature. I mean, I enjoy observing it from indoors, but I don't like being outside in it. Bugs, dirt, etc. - blech.  I would much rather walk on the treadmill than a nature trail.

6) My husband is the total opposite about the above. :)

7) My favorite time of day is definitely evening/night. I'm a total night owl.  I don't do mornings. I mean, I do, but only out of necessity.

8) My two best friends in the world have the same first name, middle name, and were born the same year.  I think this is weird. One of them thinks it means I have a very specific type for friends. (I also think it means that their name was just awfully common the year they were born.)

9) I love weddings. I wish I could go back and re-plan my wedding just for fun. I like planning things in general and I love weddings in general.

10) Kind of like the girl in 27 Dresses (which I have seen many times, see number #2), I have saved all the dresses from the weddings I have been in, even the ones I really didn't like so much.  There are only 6 of them though, not 27. My favorite two were a beautiful forest green that I wore for my cousin's wedding that I am determined to fit into again one day and a light purple that I wore for my friend Jenny's wedding that I've worn for like 6 other occasions. It was versatile!

11)  For as organized as I am in some areas, my car is always a mess. No, really. A total mess.

12) I've traveled to many different countries but want to travel to more. So far, my list is Canada, Belgium, Germany, France, Switzerland, Botswana, Bophutaswana, South Africa, Singapore, and the Bahamas. If I could choose one country to go to next, it would be Italy.

13) My favorite housework is vacuuming. My least favorite is probably laundry or bathrooms.  Probably laundry as at least with the bathroom, once it is clean, it stays clean longer. Nothing is more discouraging to my domestic impulses to finally finish the laundry, ironing it, putting it away, etc. only to find that in the time you did that the hamper is half full again. Bathrooms may have been my least favorite except I've literally cleaned them once since I moved in November. Thanks, honey! :)

14) I have way too many shoes, purses, and things of makeup.  My shoes and purses share their very own room.  My makeup takes up plenty of space as well.

15) I almost called the vet today because last night I worried that my sweet Leo was dying. I was telling my co-worker about it, and she made the noise that I heard without me even describing it. I asked how she knew that. She said "Deanna, that's a hairball."  I'm glad I didn't call the vet who would have charged me to tell me I'm crazy.

16) In other bad cat mommy news, when I thought Leo was dying or possibly just being about to throw up, after a moment of indecision, I picked him up and carried him to the kitchen.  My reasoning was that if he threw up, I'd rather clean linoleum than carpet.  Poor cat. I not only thought he might be dying, but I also moved him to a less comfortable surface just in case.

17) My favorite site in nature is waterfalls. Next would be mountains.  Beaches are rather low on the list.

18) Speaking of beaches, I can't imagine many things more boring than laying out in the sun.  I get hot too quickly, burn easily, and just get bored.

19) Speaking of hot things I don't get - saunas. I don't like saunas. I don't find them relaxing and I don't think they feel good.

20) My favorite sleeping weather is when it's cold enough to need to cover up, but hot enough that you need the window open.

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  1. I'm totally with you on 2. I've read To Kill A Mockingbird many times! And you know I have seen Audrey's movies many time!

    Two of my best friends have similar names- Mandy and Brandy.

    Whenever I get married you can help with mine if you want!

    Have a great one blogging twin!