Friday, June 1, 2012

May 2012 Goal Check-In!

So back on January 1st, I wrote this post. The first couple of months I did a check-in of sorts at the end of the month. I haven't done it the last few months, but wanted to do it now.

 1) Get healthier overall, but particularly in weight loss. 
I'm sad to say that the thought of this last month being a healthy month in any way, shape, or form makes me wince.  Pneumonia and a double ear infection?  Not exactly healthy.

2) Read at least 25 books in 2012, 10 non-fiction/educational.
I'm doing great on this goal. So far this year I have read 20 books. Three of those, plus one I am in the middle of right now, have been non-fiction/educational.

3) Read through my Bible at least once. This is one thing I try to do every year. 
I don't have an exact tally, but I'm confident I'll finish this year. 

4) Spend time with a friend at least once a month. Whether it's grabbing coffee, going shopping, etc., it's important to make time for those around us.
Yes, I spent time with both of my Ashley's, plus went to another friend's dance recital. And maybe more. 

5) Stick to the budget that we have worked out.
We've had some unexpected expenses (oven repair, medical co-pays in the hundreds) so not exactly.  But it's a new month. :)

6) Blog at least 3 times a month. I love blogging, but I just don't always get around to it!
In addition to the 18 I posted, I also started a lot of drafts that will probably be posted soon.  Specifically the wedding ones.... I want to finish those by my first anniversary and I still have like 10 to go!

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  1. Sometimes life has a way of throwing us curve just have to know that they're coming and you survive. =)

    You're doing great with your reading...and I've definitely enjoyed seeing more blog posts.

    Have a great Friday and hopefully you're feeling better?!?!