Saturday, June 23, 2012

Linda, Beautiful Person, Beautiful Bridesmaid

My beautiful friend Linda and I met in 1984, I believe.  That would mean I was 4 and she was 2.  Needless too say, quite a long time ago.  I remember, vaguely, playing with her back then, but not super well.

It was probably after we both graduated from high school that we became close. We started spending more time together doing some of our favorite things - shoe shopping, purse shopping, watching chick flicks, and exchanging books.  We also were on the same worship team for a year or so.

Our innocent faces. Don't be fooled. She's not innocent.

How would I describe Linda?  Caring, loyal, and fun all immediately come to mind.  She's a very caring, giving person.  She loves her friends and family fiercely. She also loves having fun.
Linda, my cousin Audrey, and me! October 2009
The day I planned on asking Linda to be in my wedding, she told me news instead - she was moving to Baltimore for a year!  She was accepted to Johns Hopkins to pursue her masters in public health.  I was sooo happy for her, but assumed that meant she would not be able to come home for the wedding. Well, she said she could still come!  So of course, the only sensible thing to do that night was to go buy bridal magazines and spend the rest of the night looking at bridesmaid dresses. Come September, she flew in and got in early enough to run an errand for me before rehearsal...... I was in crisis mode. :) Then she somehow went from having extra time before rehearsal to being way late for rehearsal. Still not sure how that happened. :)

With Audrey at Applebees
Actually, I do know how it happened. You see, Linda..... runs on her own time schedule.  She has a very fluid concept of time.  However, she would probably appreciate me pointing out that last time we hung out? She was on time. I, on the other hand,...... well, we don't need to discuss that. Okay, fine. I was late. But it was only 4 minutes! Traffic!
Now that Linda is all educated with her masters and stuff, she's planning on moving where her career takes her.  I am soooo happy for her but also think it would be great if her career keeps her in Michigan. :)  It probably won't, but I'm sure she'll visit.
One funny wedding related story - after the reception, we were taking pictures in the park.  While John and I were off taking pictures, Linda was assaulted by another bridesmaid.  The other bridesmaid claimed there was a bug on Linda, but was it really necessary to hit her that hard?  Doubtful. Linda was probably one of my least feisty bridesmaids; at least 2 others have said if it were them, they would have hit back!  My newest sister-in-law is lucky she chose Linda to attack. :)  (There probably really was a bug. I doubt anyone would just decide to haul off and hit sweet, kind Linda.)
Linda would often have to keep me and Audrey in line while shopping.

Linda is a true friend - someone I can (and have!) confide in, trust implicitly, and so much more! I was soooo honored when she agreed to be in my wedding.  Despite the violence she suffered.....

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  1. Awe...what a great friend. Love seeing Audrey in your pics!