Thursday, June 28, 2012

Four Weeks!

I did all these updates as the weeks went by. But I didn't post them until now that I'm posting about being pregnant. It feels silly to post them, but I want to have them to look back on. :)

Doing this at 4 weeks 4 days. :)  Also known as June 5th. Unknown posting date as of right now.

How Far Along: 4 Weeks

Total Weight Gain: None that I know of.... I haven't weighed

Size of Baby: Poppyseed! Teeny tiny!

Maternity Clothes: No, but I have started looking. :)

Gender: I think boy. John thinks girl. We're thrilled either way.

Movement: Too little

Sleep: I've been exhausted, but having trouble sleeping. Not sure if it's baby-related or just my usual. 

What I miss: Nothing yet! Though I'm not loving the nausea or overwhelming tiredness.

Cravings: At this point, I've been having more moments of "That food sounds disgusting" than a craving.

Other crazy symptoms: Sore, sore "girls."  I also had the weirdest pain in my stomach muscles yesterday. I don't know if it's from coughing or something else. Maybe pregnancy related? Also, I broke out - 4 pimples overnight.

Best Moment this week: Telling John he was going to be a daddy. :)

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