Friday, June 29, 2012

Five Weeks!

Again, posting this as a catch-up/memory post.

I'm 5 weeks today!!! The baby is now the size of an apple seed.

I'm deciding which questions I like most since there are several versions of this in blog land. So they're slightly different than last week. :)

How far along:
5 weeks today

Maternity Clothes:
Not wearing them, but I bought some! Just a few things. However, one of my main symptoms so far has been bloating, so while I'm not wearing maternity clothes, I am wearing mostly stretchy clothes or dresses without waists.

I need more of it. I'm tired a lot.  And when I'm sleeping at night, I'm sleeping much deeper than usual. I usually don't dream in my sleep. Now I've been having dreams almost every time I sleep!

Best Moment:
Telling my parents we were pregnant!

Food Cravings:
Chicken, strangely enough.  I wonder if it was because I worried that I hadn't been eating enough protein. But chicken has been really good this week.

No idea. Either one is a blessing. :)

What I Miss
Caffeinated coffee. :)  I love my coffee. But I love my baby more, so I'm not drinking it. (I'm still in the weaning process. Down to about one small cup of half-caf a day.)

What I'm Looking Forward To
Our ultrasound is two weeks from Monday!

Weekly Wisdom
Realize what a blessing each child is. :)

All of our immediate family now knows. :)


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  1. Awe....I drank coffee my whole pregnancy...and was given permission to do so too. My midwives said a cup of day was fine.

    Love reading your list this week.