Friday, June 8, 2012

Blog Challenge - Day 5

Today's (okay, fine. Yesterday's..... give me a break!) blog post is 5 things that make me happy right now.

1) Spending time with my husband.  He works nights and I work days, so we don't spend enough time together. But it's almost his "weekend" which means we see each other when we're both awake.  I miss him a lot. :(

2) Our new refrigerator is being delivered Monday. I miss having a fridge. The small, mini fridge I bought to tide us over just isn't cutting it. Now really, I would have preferred not to have to spend the money on a new fridge. But, at least we have one coming.

3) A night at home to relax/get things done.  I'm currently blogging and watching Gilmore Girls. (By the way, just watched the creator of GG's new show, Bunheads. Not a fan so far.)

4) Our vacation for next month is officially booked! Up north, here we come!

5) My sick kitty, Leonardo, seems to be feeling better after only one day on the medicine. :)

For something else that makes me happy, look for a post early next week. :)

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