Friday, June 1, 2012

Alabama Trip – Memorial Day 2012

As you may remember, our scheduled trip to Alabama got off to a very DRAMATIC start. Car troubles, waiting for repair shops to open, etc. Eventually, the car was fixed (and, praise the Lord, it was minor) and we were on our way. roughly 7 hours after we had planned.

It's a long drive, 810ish miles. That's a long way in a car. We rotated driving – John did Michigan, I did Ohio, he did Kentucky and part of Tennessee, I did the rest of Tennessee and part of Alabama, he finished it up. It went pretty well except that it wore me out. Traveling while recovering from pneumonia is no laughing matter.

Finally, around 11:30, we arrived at our destination. Really though, it was 12:30 Eastern time. So other than a few naps, I had been up for 22.5 hours – also not a good thing when you're attempting to recover from pneumonia!

Sunday morning was too crazy to chronicle on the blog. Some things are best left unsaid, especially on a public blog. J (By the way, that reminds me, if you're reading, "Hi, Paul!") Sunday afternoon, we had lunch with friends and then went our separate way – him with his best friend Paul and me with my Ashley. the famous one on this blog. Ashley and I had a great time shopping (of course) and then we went to the Ramp. I hadn't told many friends there that I was coming. I have to admit the surprised looks and double takes were fun.
With Ashley and Amber
Monday, John and I went around town a little and picked up a few things. Then we had friends and family over for a cookout. It was a lot of fun. A lot of laughs. A lot of memories. At the cookout, I was asked repeatedly if I were pregnant / when we were going to be pregnant.  Love that question. And with that, further motivation for the diet.

Beth, Paul, and John
Tuesday, we visited one of John's grandmothers and then I rested (unless you count the 40 minute phone call with work.sigh) while John spent the afternoon with friends. Then we left to come back to Michigan. A long drive? That's an understatement. Two under-rested people trying to drive through the night eventually we made it. By the end, we were so tired that we were taking turns in 45 minute shifts.  And then the recovery process started.  Leo and Leia were happy to see us. 

Personally, I'm exhausted and had a rough time at work today. So hopefully, I'll recover this weekend.
Some fun pics from the weekend. J

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