Saturday, June 30, 2012

Seven Weeks

Final catch-up post!

My baby is now the size of a blueberry!

How far along:

7 weeks!

Maternity Clothes:

No, not yet!


Still tired a lot. I have some trouble falling asleep, but whenever I do, I sleep soundly and have strange dreams. No, seriously. I have strange, strange, strange dreams.  I've gone from remembering a dream about once every two months. Now it's like..... every day.  And they don't seem to be baby related. Just.... disturbing related.

Best Moment:

Talking about the baby, dreaming about the baby, and praying for the baby with my sweet husband.

Food Cravings:

Nothing has really sounded good this week except sweets. I've been nauseous a lot.


I'm still leaning toward boy.

What I Miss

Still coffee. And not being exhausted and nauseous all the time.

Nausea has been bad.  Really bad, actually. "The girls" are still tender but getting better. I've also had lots of cramping. To be honest, that one freaks me out.  But I keep reading that it's normal.

What I'm Looking Forward To
Ultrasound in 2 weeks!

Weekly Wisdom

I can't think of any right now.

Our baby is starting to develop ears, eyes, nose, and chin. :)

I'm definitely overly emotional these days. I don't know if it's from being tired or hormones or what.  But my overall emotional state is excitement and an overwhelming feeling of being blessed.

Six Weeks!

Still playing catch-up!

My baby is now the size of a sweet pea!

How far along:

6 weeks!

Maternity Clothes:

No, not yet!


Still tired a lot. I have some trouble falling asleep, but whenever I do, I sleep soundly and have strange dreams.

Best Moment:

Telling more friends and family the news. It's fun. :)

Food Cravings:

None that I can remember

No idea. I think it's a boy, but almost everyone else thinks it's a girl.  They're starting to convince me. One "helpful" person made sure I knew that the doctor wouldn't be able to tell me at my appointment next Monday.

What I Miss

I have a feeling that coffee will be an answer to this for at least the next few weeks.
What I'm Looking Forward To

Again, the ultrasound that is about 1 week away.  And of course, in about 34 weeks, getting to meet my sweet baby.

Weekly Wisdom

I can't think of any right now.

Our baby is starting to develop ears, eyes, nose, and chin. :)

I'm definitely overly emotional these days. I don't know if it's from being tired or hormones or what.  But my overall emotional state is excitement and an overwhelming feeling of being blessed.

Friday, June 29, 2012

Eight Weeks!

Since I'm catch-up posting my old weeks, this feels weird since it will be out of order. But I am 8 weeks today.

My baby is now a raspberry!

How far along:
8 weeks today

Maternity Clothes:
I'm starting to think they sound like a very good idea. :)  I'm so bloated still that they sound very comfy. Instead, I'm wearing mostly dresses now.  I don't want to buy summer maternity clothes since I really shouldn't need them until fall.

This has been a rough week sleep wise.  I've been super tired but unable to sleep.  I think it's been a rough week emotionally and at work, and that's why. 

Best Moment:
Having an actual doctor's appointment on my second attempt! It was good seeing the doctor and feeling like things are moving along and I kind of know what to do when.

Food Cravings:
I really haven't liked food this week.  I like hard boiled eggs. That's about it.

I still think it's a boy.  

What I Miss
I miss not being super emotional. After a doctor office fiasco Monday, all I could do is cry. After my boss was mean to me today, I cried.  I better be careful or I'll dehydrate.

What I'm Looking Forward To
Resting and relaxing on vacation instead of working 55 hours. :)  Actually having an ultrasound in about a week and a half.  (Again, long story, stupid doctor's office)

Weekly Wisdom

We announced it on Facebook after one of my friends leaked it. So now it feels like everyone knows. :)

Five Weeks!

Again, posting this as a catch-up/memory post.

I'm 5 weeks today!!! The baby is now the size of an apple seed.

I'm deciding which questions I like most since there are several versions of this in blog land. So they're slightly different than last week. :)

How far along:
5 weeks today

Maternity Clothes:
Not wearing them, but I bought some! Just a few things. However, one of my main symptoms so far has been bloating, so while I'm not wearing maternity clothes, I am wearing mostly stretchy clothes or dresses without waists.

I need more of it. I'm tired a lot.  And when I'm sleeping at night, I'm sleeping much deeper than usual. I usually don't dream in my sleep. Now I've been having dreams almost every time I sleep!

Best Moment:
Telling my parents we were pregnant!

Food Cravings:
Chicken, strangely enough.  I wonder if it was because I worried that I hadn't been eating enough protein. But chicken has been really good this week.

No idea. Either one is a blessing. :)

What I Miss
Caffeinated coffee. :)  I love my coffee. But I love my baby more, so I'm not drinking it. (I'm still in the weaning process. Down to about one small cup of half-caf a day.)

What I'm Looking Forward To
Our ultrasound is two weeks from Monday!

Weekly Wisdom
Realize what a blessing each child is. :)

All of our immediate family now knows. :)


Five Question Friday - June 29, 2012

Linking up with Mama M. for Five Question Friday again. :)

1. What's your favorite childhood snack that you still eat as an adult?
Hmm.... I've always loved ice cream. It was probably my favorite snack as a kid, and I still love it.  

2. What food will you not eat the low fat version of?
I eat the low or no fat versions of many foods, but I cannot eat no-fat cottage cheese. I'll eat low-fat, but no fat is watery and runny and just disgusting to me.  

3. What's your favorite way to cool off during the summer?
Swimming in a nice, cool pool. I'm not a big fan of swimming in other bodies of water (insects, fish, etc. all dissuade me) but I love swimming pools.

4. What's your favorite summer read?
It doesn't change much from the rest of the year. My reading tastes are varied-  chick lit, historical fiction, religious fiction, serious books, etc.  I like a lot of things.

5. What are you doing to stay cool in this awful heat?
I am staying inside. I walked around my house one time yesterday to check on something and I thought I would die. Not really, but 8:45 at night and it was STILL stifling hot! My poor husband works in a non-air conditioned warehouse.  It was 100 degrees in there when he left last night.  Poor guy. Pray for him. :(

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Four Weeks!

I did all these updates as the weeks went by. But I didn't post them until now that I'm posting about being pregnant. It feels silly to post them, but I want to have them to look back on. :)

Doing this at 4 weeks 4 days. :)  Also known as June 5th. Unknown posting date as of right now.

How Far Along: 4 Weeks

Total Weight Gain: None that I know of.... I haven't weighed

Size of Baby: Poppyseed! Teeny tiny!

Maternity Clothes: No, but I have started looking. :)

Gender: I think boy. John thinks girl. We're thrilled either way.

Movement: Too little

Sleep: I've been exhausted, but having trouble sleeping. Not sure if it's baby-related or just my usual. 

What I miss: Nothing yet! Though I'm not loving the nausea or overwhelming tiredness.

Cravings: At this point, I've been having more moments of "That food sounds disgusting" than a craving.

Other crazy symptoms: Sore, sore "girls."  I also had the weirdest pain in my stomach muscles yesterday. I don't know if it's from coughing or something else. Maybe pregnancy related? Also, I broke out - 4 pimples overnight.

Best Moment this week: Telling John he was going to be a daddy. :)

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Just Call Me.......


Little baby expected on or around February 7, 2013. :)

The following posts is a collection of posts that I wrote before I was ready to "announce" the pregnancy.

June 2nd, 2012

So, apparently, I'm pregnant.

I've been having some symptoms for over a week.  Last Sunday, I decided to take a pregnancy test even though it was a little early. (It said 5 days early and it was 6 days early.) Nothing at all - broken test.

It was a two pack, so I tested again 3 days later. Again, broken test. Not even a control line. Thanks, Walmart.

This morning, I was trying to decide what to do. I'm supposed to get a chest x-ray, but those are dangerous if you're pregnant. Then I remembered, I had bought pregnancy tests once before just in case, but ended up not needing them. So I tested this morning - surprise!

I've decided to tell John tomorrow. It's our 9 month anniversary, so I'm going to tell him his present will be ready in 9 months and give him a baby Alabama hat that I got "just in case" while in Alabama last week. :)

June 3rd - Telling My Husband

So, Saturday afternoon, I re-tested with a more reliable digital test - negative. Now I was officially confused. But I did read on the package that it works best if you tested in the morning.  So Sunday morning, I woke up early and couldn't wait to test. I did, and about a minute later, I saw that beautiful word - "pregnant."

I went back to bed, contemplating getting up to wrap the baby hat I had for John, but when he woke up, I decided to skip that. Instead I told him after chatting for a few minutes "I have a gift for you for our 9 month anniversary."  He said "Okay." And I said "Only it won't be ready for 9 months." About 2 seconds later, he realized what I meant and got all excited and happy!

Later that afternoon, we called his mom and told her. She was thrilled.

John thinks it's twins. I think it's a boy. He thinks it's a girl or one of each.  We're happy with either. :)

June 5th - Spreading the News

We had my parents over for dinner and to go refrigerator shopping. (Yeah, unrepairable..... $1200 for a 25 year old fridge IF they could get the parts.)  I told my parents we needed their opinion on fridges; really, I just wanted to tell them in person.

So after dinner, we gave them a card thanking them for a bunch of stuff they've helped with recently. Taking care of me when I was sick, helping with laundry, etc.  Then I had put another piece of paper in it. It had three hearts in it under the words "Grandchildren are a blessing." In the first heart, there was a picture of Caleb. Underneath, it said "Caleb Clark - Born December 2006." The second heart was Evan, with his name and month of birth."  The last one had a question and said "Estimated to arrive February 2013."

It took them half a second to "get it" but when they did, there was squealing and clapping.  Very excited.

At this point, it's still sinking in, but I find myself thinking about him or her constantly.  As far as symptoms, I have a few, but nothing unbearable. Some nausea, a lot of tiredness, and some weird stomach pain that I can't figure out if is related.  I guess I'll see.

First doctor appointment/ultrasound is June 25th! Yay!

June 16th -

The news is spreading, but it's not really out there yet. We've told parents, siblings, super close friends, our pastor, my co-workers, and John's grandparents. We're waiting to tell my grandma when we can go see her next Saturday. After that, it will pretty much be common knowledge. I think we'll tell everyone either after that or after our ultrasound two days later.

So far, we've decided for sure which room will be the nursery. We've started talking about names. I started looking at baby items.

Last night, I told my sweet friend Linda, so she decided we needed to go shopping and buy a present for the baby. We got a little set that has two gender neutral blankets and a teddy bear.... so cute.  The blankets are actually blue and green, but I think they're neutral since the blue is like a teal, not really necessarily a baby boy blue.

We've also decided not to paint the nursery, but to decorate it somewhat neutral and then we can add pops of either pink or blue.  That way if we have more than one child at some point, we don't have to completely redo the nursery.

The most nervewracking part this week was telling my boss. He was cranky, so I kept putting it off, but I wanted to make sure he heard it from me before it started spreading around. It went okay. :)  He doesn't like it when I'm not there. I'll probably need more than 3 days off once I have the baby. ;)

June 17th -
Today was John's first Father's Day as a father!  He got presents from the kitties and from the baby. :) He was excited.

June 23rd-
Today I told my grandma that we're having a baby. She was the last one we wanted to make sure we told in person before announcing to everyone.  I can't believe in less than 48 hours I get to see my baby!

Overall, I'm feeling okay today. I've been feeling sick most days, but today, I haven't had many symptoms.  I am really tired still, but the constant nausea has not been constant today.  I think I did have my first true pregnancy meltdown.... got to work on keeping those emotions in check!

Last night, John was sick and didn't work.  We laid in bed for a while talking about the baby, planning for the baby, and discussing baby names.  I have my favorites for a boy and a girl, but we're not settled on anything yet!

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Linda, Beautiful Person, Beautiful Bridesmaid

My beautiful friend Linda and I met in 1984, I believe.  That would mean I was 4 and she was 2.  Needless too say, quite a long time ago.  I remember, vaguely, playing with her back then, but not super well.

It was probably after we both graduated from high school that we became close. We started spending more time together doing some of our favorite things - shoe shopping, purse shopping, watching chick flicks, and exchanging books.  We also were on the same worship team for a year or so.

Our innocent faces. Don't be fooled. She's not innocent.

How would I describe Linda?  Caring, loyal, and fun all immediately come to mind.  She's a very caring, giving person.  She loves her friends and family fiercely. She also loves having fun.
Linda, my cousin Audrey, and me! October 2009
The day I planned on asking Linda to be in my wedding, she told me news instead - she was moving to Baltimore for a year!  She was accepted to Johns Hopkins to pursue her masters in public health.  I was sooo happy for her, but assumed that meant she would not be able to come home for the wedding. Well, she said she could still come!  So of course, the only sensible thing to do that night was to go buy bridal magazines and spend the rest of the night looking at bridesmaid dresses. Come September, she flew in and got in early enough to run an errand for me before rehearsal...... I was in crisis mode. :) Then she somehow went from having extra time before rehearsal to being way late for rehearsal. Still not sure how that happened. :)

With Audrey at Applebees
Actually, I do know how it happened. You see, Linda..... runs on her own time schedule.  She has a very fluid concept of time.  However, she would probably appreciate me pointing out that last time we hung out? She was on time. I, on the other hand,...... well, we don't need to discuss that. Okay, fine. I was late. But it was only 4 minutes! Traffic!
Now that Linda is all educated with her masters and stuff, she's planning on moving where her career takes her.  I am soooo happy for her but also think it would be great if her career keeps her in Michigan. :)  It probably won't, but I'm sure she'll visit.
One funny wedding related story - after the reception, we were taking pictures in the park.  While John and I were off taking pictures, Linda was assaulted by another bridesmaid.  The other bridesmaid claimed there was a bug on Linda, but was it really necessary to hit her that hard?  Doubtful. Linda was probably one of my least feisty bridesmaids; at least 2 others have said if it were them, they would have hit back!  My newest sister-in-law is lucky she chose Linda to attack. :)  (There probably really was a bug. I doubt anyone would just decide to haul off and hit sweet, kind Linda.)
Linda would often have to keep me and Audrey in line while shopping.

Linda is a true friend - someone I can (and have!) confide in, trust implicitly, and so much more! I was soooo honored when she agreed to be in my wedding.  Despite the violence she suffered.....

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

After Wedding Pictures - Bride and Groom

An assortment of pictures we took just the two of us at the church. Some were before the reception and some after the reception. 

I love the pillars in front of the church we got married at.  It was one of the things that I really liked about it!

A kind of silly shot!

Leaving our Reception

I think I look smug in this one, but other people seem to like it.

My handsome groom.....

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Social Sunday - At the Movies!

Favorite movie of all time? If I have to pick just one, I am going to say Sound of Music.  I love that movie. I used a song from it in my wedding, let's not forget.  Runner ups would be Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, Gone with the Wind, and Sweet Home Alabama.

Favorite movie quote? A lot of Star Wars quotes - If I have to choose one, I think I'll go with the tried and true "May the force be with you.... always."

Best movie to watch for a girls night in? Pride and Prejudice - BBC version (if it's a long girls' night in!)

Best breakup movie? Hmmm.... probably a funny movie. Maybe Legally Blonde?

Favorite celeb eye candy? Josh Duhammel is quite good looking.

Which movie stars closet would you want to raid? Would that mean I'd be skinny like a movie star? Yes! But I don't read enough people to know a good answer to this. Maybe Reese Witherspoon. From what I've seen, she's generally pulled together looking and fairly modest.