Sunday, May 20, 2012

Memorial Flower Attendant Camille

As I mentioned in the post about the ceremony, our ceremony started with a special young lady carrying flowers to a vase on stage in honor of John's deceased father and brother.  The special young lady is named Camille.
Camille is one of the sweetest, wonderful young ladies I have ever met.  I first got to know her at church when she was in my children's ministry group. After absolutely falling in love with her sweet, caring, loving personality, I also fell in love with her whole family.  I actually stayed with them the two nights before the wedding!  Camille, her mom, and her sister were actually some of the first Michiganders to hear about John.

Camille has become almost like my much, much younger little sister.  I always have a great time with her whether we're getting pedicures, listening to music, or watching iCarly (her pick, not mine!).

She's very much a girly girl, which is one of the things we have in common.  She even runs her own salon out of her bedroom. :)

I was so honored to have her as part of our wedding. We love her so much!

The flowers with the pictures at the reception
Close up of the pictures and flowers

Me and My Girl
I realize there is a chance that by now you are wondering how Camille can be so wonderful at such a young age. (She was 10 at the wedding, but has since turned 11 - our birthdays are only a few days apart!)  Well, if you met her parents, you would not have to wonder anymore.  Her parents are two of the most genuine, loving, giving people you could ever hope to meet.  They freely give of their time, their words of wisdom, and most of all their love.  And their sweet tea recipe..... Ms. Karen is the one who taught me to make sweet tea for John. (They're from North Carolina.)

My Michigan shower was co-hosted by Camille's mom. Their home was the sight of a massive slumber party the night before the wedding. We have had dinner with them countless times - it goes on and on.  Words really can't express the gift God gave us when He put this family in our lives!

At a CD release party

At Church with another friend

Getting ready for a concert!

At my Shower with her Mom and Sister

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  1. I love her too!!!! Seriously, one of the sweetest girls God ever created!!! This whole family was such a blessing.. I was honored to be able to stay with them! (And, they had sweet tea) :)