Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Lisa, My Friend and Bridesmaid

I'm home today with a double ear infection and pneumonia.  Not fun. But I decided to work on my blog some more. 

Resuming my posts on members of the bridal party.....

My friend Lisa and I have been friends for a very long time.  We met when she came to a couple events at the Christian fellowship I was in in college. (I believe it was December 1998 when we met....) She had just transferred and was looking at meeting more people on campus. 

Soon after that, I began working for her father's company. She worked there off and on and we started hanging out occasionally outside of work. I quit working there in August of 2001 when I began student teaching.  At that point, we still weren't close, but we were very friendly and stayed in touch.

(Lisa will be relieved when she remembers that that was pre-digital cameras, so my pictures of that era would have to be scanned and then uploaded. And.... I currently don't have a working scanner at home.)

I would say we became super close somewhere in 2004?  But I don't remember for sure. I do know we were both working full-time - her in accounting, me in finance.  We both worked long hours and long days.  We enjoyed relaxing together. Shopping together. Talking together.  Laughing together.

We definitely saw our share of good movies and some not so good movies. I tend to remember the not so good ones more.  We still laugh about them - New York Minute, The Sweetest Thing (which Lisa accidentally picked up the un-rated version of - we didn't even get past 10 minutes of it!), Beauty Shop which she accidentally kept for like 3 months..... I know they were more. Oh, Elizabethtown. That one was at the theater. She (luckily) missed the first 20 minutes as she went to the wrong theater. 

Actually, one of our first times of getting to be closer was at a movie. It was Lisa's birthday (she's much older than me, by the way), and I called her. Turned out she didn't have any plans for the night. So we decided to go see a movie at the cheap theater near our house. The movie was Napoleon Dynamite. We missed the first 5 minutes or so and so we spent the movie thinking we'd missed a crucial part of the plot and that's why we were confused. No.... turns out the movie just doesn't have much of a plot.  We still enjoyed it. Lisa ordered a pickle at the movie, which they gave her in a cup. This became a running joke with us.  We then went to Starbucks and talked for a couple of hours.

Add in hours of watching movies, sporting events, me pet-sitting her sweet dog Max (not so sweet when you're holding a bagel though), sporting events, talking about guys, complaining about work, and you have a lifelong friendship.  

I remember when she met her husband Matt.  I was actually staying at her house watching her dog.  I stayed there again when she went out to visit him in November of 2005.  And again when she went out there and they got engaged in May 2006.  I thought he sounded perfect for her except for the fact that he lived in WASHINGTON STATE! I did not approve of him taking my closest friend so far away.

But I was happy to be in her wedding. I was even happier when we went dress shopping and the color switched from a pretty blue that I would have been happy to wear to a gorgeous pink that I loved wearing!

From there, I helped her with moving, wedding planning, helped throw a shower, and helped plan a fabulous bachelorette party.  I could actually write a lot about that.

The morning of her outdoor wedding, the rain was coming down.  A LOT of it.  Lisa coped with the fact that it looked like she might have to go with her Plan B, which she was not looking forward to.  But, God had a special blessing in store. It cleared up around 4:15 for her 5:00 wedding! She was a beautiful bride and I was honored to be in her wedding. 

Did I mention that Lisa is gorgeous? If not, I'm sure you're noticing. And she was very tan here!
Once Lisa moved to Washington (and later to Idaho), I obviously didn't see her my usual once or twice a week, but she remained one of my closest friends. Probably just as important, she's the type of friend who is so close that even if I haven't seen her for 6 months or so, we can pick up right where we left off. We also of course stay in touch via facebook, texting, and e-mail. When we both worked full-time, we used to e-mail almost all day from when she got to work until I left work.

I'm also good at staying in tune with her life which probably frustrates her when she wants to tell me something and I guess it before she gets a chance to tell me (this happened with her first two pregnancies....) 

I remember so clearly when her son Hunter was born.  (4 years ago now! I can't believe it.) It felt like forever as she was 2 weeks overdue. Finally, he arrived and he is totally adorable and lovable.  

This was a picture of me and Lisa from the baby shower I helped throw for when he was born.   Oh, and  yes. You are correct. She's still slender and beautiful while pregnant. 
Lisa also has a beautiful daughter Taylor who you met in the flower girls post here.

Lisa, Hunter, Me, and Taylor July 2009.

She also recently had a son, Braden Matthew, who I really want to meet soon!  (He was born in February.) So, Lisa, if you're reading this, bring him to Auntie Deanna for a visit. :)

Me and Lisa when I visited her in September 2010
I visited Lisa and her wonderful family in September 2010.  We had a great time catching up, seeing her new area, and spending time with her children.  Taylor turned 1 while I was there. Okay, not technically. She turned one the day after I left. But we threw her party while I was there.  You can also see pictures from that trip here.

I was so happy to have Lisa and Taylor in my wedding. I know Lisa and I will always be friends, and Taylor is stuck with me as a result. Lisa especially deserves credit for being in a wedding on a rare 92 degree Michigan day after flying cross country all while pregnant!!!

Taylor and Hunter


  1. Awe, that's so awesome. Look at your lives through the years...amazing journey!

  2. Thanks for writing this! I couldn't have said it better myself! There were a couple times reading that I thought you were going to say something but then you didn't. Whew! ;) You are a wonderful friend too and I hope we have many more fun times to come! I really miss seeing you and I wish we could talk more often.