Saturday, May 26, 2012


Dear John's Car,

I applaud you for not breaking down while we were on the middle of the road hours from home. However, was it really necessary to choose to break down while John was driving home so we could leave for vacation? We can't drive 1600 miles with you being all persnickity like this. 

And if you were going to break down, couldn't you have done it while the shops were open? Or better yet, before I got up at 2 a.m. for nothing? These bags under my eyes could have been avoided!

Your Annoyed Co-Owner

Dear Car Repair Places,

Why can't you open earlier today? I have places to be.

The Customer Who is Now Going to the ONLY Place in town that opens as 7

Dear Work,

You kept me late yesterday. This cut into my sleeping time (you know, from the whole 2 a.m. thing?).  I know you're going to miss me when I'm not there part of next week, but please get over it. 

And if you could keep Boss-man from calling/texting me 18 times an hour, that would be great.

A Harried Employee

Dear Leia,

Stop acting so scared of me. No, I wasn't happy when you went potty on the floor, and yes, I scolded you. However, we both know I don't beat you and I keep you well fed. Stop looking at me like that whenever I walk by. I'm not the enemy.

By the way, you're lucky you're cute. 4 times in 3 days? Unacceptable!


Your Mommy

Dear Lungs,

Thanks for getting better. Think you could get the rest of the way better? And give me my energy back? Thanks. I miss it.

Your Body

Dear God,

I don't say it enough, but thank you. Thank you for keeping us from breaking down on the road. Thank you for bringing John home safely. Even though I'm frustrated, I know this could all be Your hand guiding us, leading us, and protecting us.



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  1. Awe, laughing and thanking God with you. =) I hope that whatever He has planned for your weekend happens. Love ya!