Saturday, May 19, 2012

Hi.... This is Me.... Ruining Mother's Day

So, last Sunday was Mother's Day.  I have a long-standing Mother's Day tradition apparently. It is...... ruining Mother's Day.

I shall share anecdotes and stories of Mother's Days past and present to illustrate my tradition.

It all started when I was 7.  We were having Mother's Day at our house with my grandma, my Aunt Joyce, and my Aunt Terry's family.  My Aunt Terry's family included her husband, son, and most notably Holly (aka, my partner in crime).  What do you think two 7 year old girls could do to ruin Mother's Day?

-Give the moms a bad gift? Hmm.... probably wouldn't ruin it.
-Argue with each other? No, they would just make us stop.
-Be mean to our brothers? No, that won't work. They were used to that AND would make us stop.
-Get lost for almost 2 hours giving just about every adult there a near heart attack?

Yes, I believe plan D would work best.

As any of my long-time readers know, getting lost happens to be a specialty of mine.  I'm REALLY good at it. It was that day so long ago that we realized this.  You see, we went on a walk "around the block."  Simple, right? Well, we decided to go "the long way."  This did not work out so well. Apparently, blocks don't really have a "short way" and a "long way." They have "the right way" and "the ruin Mother's Day route."  We did not choose wisely.

Almost 2 hours later, we were found (no thanks to my Dad who drove by us TWICE while looking for us). By that point, dinner was delayed. Stress was added.  Parents were worried. And Holly and I have yet to live this experience down....

Well, last weekend, I decided the best way to spend Mother's Day would be going to urgent care... again.  My breathing had been getting worse and worse. I spent TWO HOURS at urgent care being told "No, you're mostly better. You should be able to breathe" followed by "Well, we'll do a chest x-ray just in case" to "Oops. I was wrong. Yeah, it's in both lungs..... still." My parents then decided my mom should come over. There, she cleaned my house and waited on me. In honor of Mother's Day, she was able to clean my kitchen.... do my laundry.... and more.

Hopefully, next year, I will be able to treat my mom right on Mother's Day.

On the plus side, I didn't get lost this year.

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  1. Oh dear...well, I guess she's a true Mother! Always taking care of her matter what the day or hour. =)

    Feel better soon!