Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Gage and Cole, Ushers and Nephews Extraordinaire

My sweet boys..... Gage and Cole. When Gage was born, I became an "aunt" for the first time. Technically, they are my cousins.  However, given that I was 23 when Gage was born and 24 when Cole was born, they've always been my nephews.

Through countless hours of babysitting, playing, visiting, etc., we have a special bond.  I definitely wanted to include them in the wedding, but 4 ring bearers seemed excessive. We decided on having them as ushers.  We asked them and they went from yes, to maybe, to yes, to okay.  They were nervous about being in front of all the people.  We didn't have them do the main ushering duties (all the guests) but had the groomsmen do that.  Instead, they ushered my grandma and the moms.

They had tuxes that matched the groomsmen! SOOO cute!  I mean handsome. They are far too old to appreciate being called cute. ;) (At the time of the wedding, they were 8 and 6.)

These two boys are fun loving, sweet, energetic, and intelligent.  I miss them as they have moved to Ohio!  But we still try to get together somewhat often. Their mom actually helped me find my wedding dress. :) Or re-find it as I had already tried it on once before.

I originally had way too many pictures in this post detailing our lives and activities together, but to keep it from being overwhelming, I made them into a collage.  You can see them grow. :)

Love them!

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  1. Love his untucked shirt in the outdoor photo. LOL. Great pictures.