Monday, May 21, 2012

Ashley, Maid of Honor, Dear Friend

I don't think I can say enough about my friend Ashley.  In fact, I say quite a lot about her, including this post here.

Ashley is the one who introduced me and John. She kept telling us we should talk, etc. Turns out she was right.

The day we got engaged, after having dinner with his family, we went to her house and she agreed to be in our wedding.  Two days later, we went dress shopping.

Ashley and I met while we were both volunteering at the Ramp, 5 years ago this June.  We exchanged e-mails, wrote occasionally, and then the next summer when we were both going there again, we decided to room together for the 3 days.

I would say that weekend took us from "friends" to friends. It's one thing to meet twice and then e-mail occasionally; it's another to spend a weekend talking about life, family, guys (of course), and everything else til the wee hours of the morning. After that, we wrote/talked almost daily, often multiple times a day.
Our first picture together. June 2008
The following February, Ashley came up and visited for a week. It was a fabulous week.  I was in a car accident a few days before she came, so we had to curtail our activities, yet we still had lots of fun.

We went to the movies where we saw Confessions of a Shopoholic. We ate lots of Thai food and a tiny bit of Middle Eastern (Ashley was not a fan). Ashley ate paper and I mocked her endlessly.  We explored downtown Detroit and made friends with a bronze statue. Ashley tried breaking into Comerica Park and was not able to charm the security guard despite her best efforts. We celebrated my birthday. We had parties and Ashley learned to play spoons.

We also went to one of the strangest art exhibits of all time where Ashley posed with the Sweatermen and tried to kick a soccer ball. 

One night, I was awakened in the middle of the night. Why? Because Ashley had randomly fallen off the bed.  I think she may have been dancing in her sleep.  She does, you should know, have mad dance skills.

At the airport. We had 8 inches of snow that day.
How to describe Ashley?  Obviously, she's fun.  She's easy to talk to and a great listener. She also has great stories.

But there is so much more to her than that. She is super, super sweet.  She's pretty much always in a good, upbeat mood.  She's such a positive person and doesn't dwell on negativity.

She genuinely cares about people. Not just her family, not just her friends, but those around her as well. She has a lot of patience with people, is super friendly, and shows people God's love. Just yesterday, I had 3 texts from her asking me to pray for people she hadn't even met until that day.  She genuinely cares about people.  She serves as a mentor for young ladies at a ministry near her house.
Ashley can make me laugh even when I'm stressed out, sick, or unhappy.  Such as the day before the wedding when I wanted to cry because I was behind schedule on my tasks (my mani pedi took 2 hours longer than expected), she kept me sane. :)

With my two Ashleys :)
Detroit skyline

Ashley is super trustworthy. I can tell her anything and know that it's not going to be repeated.  Unless it's one of those silly things I say or do.... in which case she'll definitely tell it to many people. But, in her defense, I'm pretty sure I've told roughly 1000 people the story of her eating paper, 700 people the story of her falling in Greektown, and now I've blogged about her falling out of bed. So we're pretty even.

Proof of her sense of humor.... re-enacting the paper eating at Walmart
Kisses for the Camera

Lunch in Greektown

At the Alabama shower, she helped turn my dad into a bride

Ashley with my parents
As I'm sure you can tell from all I've written, Ashley is a truly incredible person.
We're cool like that

Also from the Alabama shower
She is one of my favorite people in the whole world and I can't wait until I get to see her again. I'm sure there shall be a variety of interesting stories that I will then tell for years at a time.
At Bangkok Cuisine
Or maybe that she'll tell for years at a time. It can really go either way.
December 2010

Love you, Ashley! You are such a blessing to me. Thanks for ALWAYS being there and being such a great friend! You were also a beautiful maid of honor!


  1. Awe, what a great friend. Love the pictures too.

  2. Wow!!!!!! This was so sweet of you!! I want to cry!!! You are my very best friend, and I am so thankful to the Lord for you!! We have had so many amazing times together!! Lol... Seriously, these memories are priceless!!!! We will be 90 years old still telling these stories.. haha.. Thank you so much for being a friend to me! I am so blessed to have you!!!! I get to see you in a few short days!! Woo Hoo... And, hopefully, I will get to come visit you soon!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)