Thursday, May 31, 2012

Thursday Thirteen - As Seen on Pinterest

I have a confession to make...

It's a big one.

It's not easy to admit.

I don't quite get the whole Pinterest fad.  I have many friends who are completely OBSESSED with Pinterest. I've tried getting into it several times and... well, it just is another place for me to see ideas that I'll never implement.

I have, however, on occasion found inspirational or pretty quotes there. In fact, I have 13 of them ready for today!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Leia, My Little Optimist

A few weeks ago, on a Saturday night, Leia discovered our fish tank. Now, we don't have lots of fish. We have a piranha. Leia doesn't realize it, but there is a very good chance that she would not win a fight with this fish. (Many other fish have not, despite what the pet store said.)

If Leia were a more intelligent cat, I think by now she would realize that she can't get in the tank.  But she's not (the girl will still try to hide from me by just covering her face). I have to admit, it's pretty cute watching her try and try and try to get to the fish.

See photographic evidence.
"Maybe I can get to it from this angle."

"Hmm. On to plan B."


"Fear me, fishy! I am Leia the Great!"

"Maybe I'll just supervise from here for awhile..."

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

After Wedding Pics- At the Church Friends and Family

After the ceremony, we had a receiving line followed by pictures. Because we wanted to do whole family pictures and my mom's family is enormous (she is one of 10!), we didn't do many wedding party shots until after the reception.

My side of the family - aunts, uncles, cousins, nephews, etc.
John's Family

With my Grandma

With my Aunts and Uncles

With my Parents

With Our Parents

With Our Parents

With Our Parents (Take 3)

Our Family - My Side

Better One

With John's Mom


First Cousins Only

Our Ushers / "Nephews"

With the Ring Bearers and Flower Girls. With an average age of 2.25 years, this was the best shot we got. :)

With Pastor Richard

John with his Groomsmen (L to R) Phillip, Chris, Cameron, John, Paul, Jason, Stephen, and  Daniel

Me with John and the Groomsmen

Bridal Party (no Flower Girls)

Ladies from L to R : Dy, Lisa, Delia, Ashley, Ashley, Sarah, and Linda

With Camille

Husband and Wife

With Rachel and Sarah (our "nieces") Guestbook and Program Attendant
We also signed our marriage licenses (you have to do 3 in Michigan. We did one during the ceremony.).