Thursday, August 30, 2012

Ashley, My Matron of Honor and Friend

My last bridal party post....  this one has been a challenge to write. I've started it several times, but it's so hard to put into words.  I think it's because that's how our relationship is.... indescribable. But I am going to attempt it for this blog.  

My matron of honor.... one of my very, very best friends, Ashley.

With both the Ashleys :)
The best way to describe how we became friends is, in my opinion, God knew I needed her and God knew she needed me. He brought our lives together at the perfect time for both of us.
At Ashley's baby shower that I co-hosted 
My wedding shower that she hosted!

We met casually 4 years ago this month. Actually, last month. It was July 30, 2008.  I remember because it was just a few days before her wedding. :)  It was a casual meeting at the gym where we were both working out. Her mom, who I already knew, was with her and introduced us. I think we became myspace or facebook friends after that, but we didn't really talk.

Fast forward about a year and a half.  We'd seen each other a few times in the interim but never really discussed more than light subjects - we both loved the same movies, purses, shoes, and more.  But when we really made time to spend more time together spring 2010, we really clicked. I remember having coffee at Starbucks (another mutual love!) expecting to be there from about 1-3.  I got home around 5.  Yes, we spent about 4 hours talking about anything and everything at Starbucks. :)

June 2011- my bridal shower with Ashley and MI bridesmaids
Since that day, we pretty much haven't stopped talking.  She's one of my closest confidants (she has the serious dirt..... lol), biggest cheerleaders, an inspiration, and is as close to me as I imagine a sister would be.  I try to be the same for her.

She also helped me a lot with different wedding things - making decisions, planning my shower, hosting a bachelorette party, and listening when I couldn't make decisions.  Oh, and backing up Dyanna when the mean David's Bridal consultant didn't want to let me try on dresses.... in fact, she tried on one for me!  She also convinced her husband to be our MC when I realized, a week before the wedding, that we had overlooked that detail!

After her Matron of Honor Speech
She did a beautiful job on her toast as well.  I almost cried. She did too. And as proof she really "gets me" part of her speech was advice to John - she told him to let me buy lots of shoes. ;)

Again with both Ashleys

Bachelorette party with the Maid and Matron of Honor!
As you can see from the pictures, Ashley is beautiful.... but you can't see her inner beauty in the pictures, so you'll have to take my word for it. In addition to being a great friend, she is a very strong person, honest and upfront, and very caring.
Our silly faces. :)

This park and this bench has seen a lot of 

Ashley is another gift of God to me that I am SO thankful for!  If you read this, Ashley, I love you!

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