Thursday, March 8, 2012

Getting Ready at the Church

The guys got ready at the church together. They had it pretty easy compared to us ladies. After my parents, Delia, and I got to the church (with the dress) the photographers started with pictures of it. Prior to that, they had gotten a few pictures of other things.

My mother-in-law and sister-in-law made a last minute decision to get ready at the church instead of with the girls. They had the whole room to themselves until we all arrived. :)

One of the guys' tuxes. Love the pink! :)

Chris, a long-time friend of John's, getting ready

Several of the guys getting ready

Jason, a friend of mine and John's

Lisa, my bridesmaid, putting a headband on her daughter, one of the flowergirls

My beautiful sister-in-law and friend, Linda. (Um, given how my dress is, I'm wondering if I was practically naked in this picture. It's an uncomfortable thought!)

Getting those teeth ready for the big moment down the aisle!

Putting on jewelry (and I'm putting on my dress)

Getting the dress on was a team effort, you can see
It was fun seeing the church on the wedding day.  I kind of felt really rushed. I wanted to go out and see people, but it was probably best that I stayed in the bride's room!

The bridesmaids were all going in and out. So were the photographers, some family members, etc.

Delia was helping me get the underskirt on as I couldn't put the dress on over my head. The skirt made it poof.
The corset back took quite a while to lace and tie. But..... it was one of my favorite parts of my dress, so I suppose it was worth it. (Of course, I wasn't the one tying it.) Delia and Dyanna worked hard getting me into my dress!

Delia gave Caleb and Evan their flowers and ties.

Such a handsome boy!

Still working on the dress

Ashley helping me into my shoes

Almost ready!

My bracelet and earrings matched the ones I got the girls.  
My garter to throw matched the girls' dresses as well

So now that I was ready, it was time for pictures and then more pre-ceremony stuff. Coming up!

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  1. Oh how exciting! I will be putting wedding pictures up next week! I can't wait to see more!