Thursday, March 1, 2012

February Highlights

February.... gone so soon?  For a short month, it was action packed!

As mentioned before, John had a job transition. He's still with the same company, but instead of a high-pressure sales job with a huge quota, he is working in the warehouse. He likes the work better. However, not better are the hours.  4 p.m. to 2:30 a.m. Wednesday through Sunday. Boo.  But it is nice being able to go to church together on Sundays.

On my book reading goal, I am doing well. I have finished 4 books so far this year and am 80% done with two other books! Blogging goal is also going well as.... well, I blogged a lot in February.

We shall not mention the other goals..... particularly that one about getting back into my gym groove.

One notable occasion this month was getting our diva kitty, Leia.  She is named after Princess Leia in Star Wars. (So we have a cat named after a Teenage Ninja Turtle and a cat named after a princess from a galaxy far, far away. Don't judge.)  We adopted her from Oakland County as a 10 week old.  Leonardo needed a friend.  She's quite the little diva, not having Leo's laidback, cuddly personality. But she is sweet in her own ways.  She and her brother (who we didn't adopt but is super cute!) were found on the street at an estimated 4 weeks.  She then lived in a foster home until she came to stay with us.  She is much feistier than Leo. The day I brought her home, he was all "Hey, let's be friends!" She was all "Hssss......" even biting him 3 times!  He would come running to me all "Mom! You said you were getting me a friend/sister! She doesn't like me!"  But when she realized he wasn't out to get her, they became friends. Now Leo is very protective of her. Such as, when she needed medicine and developed a fear of me giving it to her, he would get concerned when I had to chase her.

Yes, diva kitty needs chased down to take medicine, but will let the vet give her shots without flinching.  Making me look like CRAZY when I describe how she acts about medicine.  When we go to the vet, she's all sweet, cuddly, and docile.  It's an act.... it's all an act.

But she's cute anyway. :)

Cuddling in my lap 

Sleeping with/on her big brother Leo in my lap
We also had our first married Valentine's Day. We had decided not to exchange gifts but rather to save the money for a getaway when our schedules allow. However, John surprised me with a charm bracelet with a pink heart charm, flowers, and a box of chocolates. Good job. :) He had to work until 9:00 on Valentine's so we didn't do much by way of celebrating, but our getaway is tentatively set for April. And we're going international.

Two days later was my birthday! Again, he had to work until 9.  My parents came over and made me dinner.  (I think my dad just wanted an excuse to play with his "grandfelines" as he calls them.)  He got me a birthstone charm for my bracelet and we decided to celebrate that Sunday. So Sunday before church (our church now starts at 4 on Sundays) we went out to breakfast and shopping. I used birthday money from a family member to get a table for our entrance that I wanted.  Then John bought me a Nook tablet. I had always said I wouldn't want one, but now that I have it, I love it. It will be great for travelling. Instead of carrying 10 books, I'll just download them!  One small thing to pack instead of heavy books!

It was a great month with an extra day. :)


  1. Sounds like a fabulous February!

  2. Thanks for sharing your month! Sounds busy, but also filled with love. =)