Friday, March 30, 2012

Ring Bearers

Aww.... ring bearers.  Much as I love everyone who was in the wedding, these two have a special place in my heart.  My two adorable nephews- Caleb and Evan.  There was no question in my mind that I wanted them in my wedding. Now they weren't so sure. They viewed the offer to be in the wedding as an opportunity for negotiation.

I blame Caleb. Don't let that adorable, innocent smile fool you.  When we asked the boys to be in our wedding, he's the one who started the negotiation.
And what did he ask for? Ice cream.  That's right. Ice cream.  Chocolate, to be precise. This led to Evan requesting strawberry.  However, we really wanted them for the part, so we quickly agreed!
Evan, 2 years old, and Caleb, 4 years old
I love being an aunt.  I still remember exactly where I was sitting when Caleb was born. It was 2 jobs ago. We knew Caleb would be born that day. I was working with my aunt at the time, so she was the first one I told. Then the news went on myspace. (Yes, a lot has changed in 5 years!)

Two long weeks later, we went to Singapore where I got to hold my sweet nephew for the first time.  It was love at first sight. Actually, it was love before first sight.

Caleb is one of the most fun children I know. He is sweet and loving. He is very kind to those around him, but especially to his brother Evan. He also is very intelligent for his age! He's also extremely helpful; when they spent the night a few weeks after the wedding, John asked him to help clean (as a joke) and he was happy to help!

Caleb loves to laugh. I love listening to his laugh. It's very distinctive and full of fun.
Caleb's 1 year picture
Family Picture when Caleb was 1

Singapore March 2009
I've been blessed to spend time with Caleb at different times in his life. When he was a newborn in Singapore (2 weeks old), when they came to visit the US right before he turned 1/while he turned 1, in Singapore when Evan was about 6 weeks old and Caleb was 2, in the US summer of 2010, and then for the wedding.
Musical Caleb
Caleb playing the drums, Age 2
Caleb on the beach of the South China Sea
At his first Tiger Game, June 2010

Evan was born on January 20, 2009. We got to Singapore March 3rd, (I think?) 2009. He was about 6 weeks when we got to meet him! Like his older brother, he stole my heart and has yet to give it back.

I love these next three pictures. Poor Evan was horrifically jet lagged and tired. In this first picture, he's looking like "I don't know about this."
By the second picture, he's like "Okay. This might work!"

And then the kiss. He loves his Aunt Deanna!

Evan is a sweet, sweet boy.  He is very gentle with people and loves animals. He is so funny, especially at his current age. Last time I talked to him, our internet connection froze. He asked if my cat froze me.

I love playing with him, especially outside.  Now that he's older, I like giving him ice cream. When he was 1, I preferred giving him lemons. His reaction was funny.

Evan at 6 weeks
The boys

I love this one!

Smile! March 10, 2009!

Sweet babe

Family picture with Evan... and Caleb's cheesy grin

Caleb sucking his thumb! Evan with Grandpa

His onesie says "Handsome." It was true.
At the beach

June 2010 after a waterfight at Grandma and Grandpa's. He looked confused.

June 2010
September 16, 2011 at Aunt Deanna and Uncle John's condo

January 2009 Caleb with his newborn brother 

January 2008

Caleb's first birthday party

Caleb's 1st Thanksgiving

Caleb's Dedication

Caleb wishing me a happy 27th birthday!

Five Question Friday - March 30, 2012

Joining Mama at My Little Life for 5QF....

1. What giveaway would you like to do on your blog?
If it were a sponsored giveaway, I would love to do a Nook. I love my Nook tablet and would love to spread the joy. However, they are expensive. So if I were going to be paying for the item myself, I would like to do some handmade jewelry from one of the local jewelry stores around here - support a small, local business and giveaway pretty jewelry. Win win, my friend. A win win.

2. If you had to choose between natural artistic ability and natural athletic ability, which would it be?
Probably athletic ability. Maybe because I naturally have some artistic ability and no athletic ability so it's a grass always greener situation?  

3. Do you ditch the coat the minute it becomes "spring" or are you a holdout for more cool temps?
I tend to ditch it, but keep it in my car just in case. Case in point, this year. 80 last week, 20-something this week.

4. What would you do if you won the mega millions lotto of 1/2 billion dollars?
Oh, I would do a lot. I can't quite comprehend that much. Let's see. Tax would bring us down to "only" about $300,000,000.  I would tithe on that.  My church would love that tithe check! I would also give to a lot of other people that I know could use help, special projects, charities, etc.  My aunt and uncle feed widows and children in one of the poorest nations in the world. I would love to help.

I would love to travel more.  Maybe we'd both take a year off and travel around the world. 

I'd take care of my family.  

I'd start a home for victims of human trafficking and rescue them.

Oh, and.... shoes. I'd buy shoes.

5. You are at a hotel by yourself...what do you do?
That sounds fabulous.  A hotel? I'd swim, read, sit in the hot tub, take a nap, read some more, and that would be great. :)

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Flower Girls

My flower girls were adorable.  Emily is the cute brunette on my right; Taylor is the sweet blonde on my left
 They were both pretty young for their task.  Emily was about 2 1/2. Taylor would turn 2 later that month. People told me that having children that young in the wedding was a mistake. That they would "ruin" the wedding, not know what they were doing, etc.  Well, they certainly added some character, but both of these sweet, sweet girls are very special to me, and I wanted them there. 

This is Emily the first time I met her. I think she was about 4 months old.  She is the daughter of my cousin Jeremy and his wife Kim.  Jeremy and I were really close the whole time we were growing up - our moms are twins and we are only 4 months apart in age! When we were 6, he and his family moved to Africa, so we didn't see each other as often after that. But we always enjoy catching up when we do get together. His wife Kim is also fabulous and so fun to be with!  She is a wonderful mom and I'm glad she's my cousin now too. (I actually get to see her this weekend!)
Andrew and Emily (Andrew is her older brother)
Emily at the rehearsal dinner for her Aunt Audrey's wedding
Her mom and I were both in it!
Emily at the beach June 2010.
With Taylor last summer

Me and Taylor at her first birthday party
Our other flower girl was Taylor. Her mom, Lisa, was also one of the bridesmaids.  We've been friends since college (saying that and realizing how long ago that was makes me feel old!). They live in Idaho, so I don't see Taylor a lot. I first met her when she was about 9 months old and they came for a visit. Then I flew out there for her first birthday.  She's very special to me and did a great job at the wedding. :)

Taylor was kind of shy that day. She hadn't seen me in a few months and there was a lot of commotion. It was probably good that her mom was in the room with her the whole time.  Her grandma stayed back with her for after her mom walked down the aisle.

When Emily got to rehearsal, she was very excited.  Her little voice is just precious. When it was her turn to walk down the aisle, she ran out of petals about halfway through. She turned and RAN back to her mom at full speed saying "I ran out! I ran out!" Her mom told her it was okay, and that to keep walking. The second rehearsal, she did perfectly.
On the day of the wedding, I told her she looked like a princess. She said thank you and told me I looked like the queen. I really hope she didn't mean the queen of England.... she also told me I was beautiful. :)

When we get to the ceremony recap, there is more to Emily's story..... to be continued. :)

It's Okay Thursday!

Linking up with Amber from A Complete Waste of Makeup for It's Okay Thursday.

-It's okay to be so excited about a short getaway this weekend even though you have 1000 things you could do at home instead!

-It's okay to be on cup of coffee number 4 by noon.

-It's okay to have moved 4 months ago and still not be finished unpacking (um, and to have hidden boxes in the storage areas just because you didn't want to look at them anymore).

-It's okay to admit that those boxes are now out of sight, out of mind.

-It's okay to have at least 4 draft blogs saved that you mean to get around to finishing.

-It's okay to be counting down the days until tax season is over.  

-Today I decided it was okay to come into work at 8:45 instead of 7ish like I've been doing.  I might even decide it's okay to leave while it's still light out!

-It's okay to miss your husband when work means you don't see each other awake for 4 days at a time.  It's okay to be thankful you have your Leonardo to snuggle with on the couch so you're not completely alone those nights!

-It's okay to think you'll resume your workout schedule once you stop the 55-60 hour work weeks.

What's okay in your life today! Link up!

Monday, March 26, 2012

March? Not such a bad month after all. :)

March is my least favorite month. As I write this, I'm sitting at work. On a Saturday.  It's 5:41.  I'll probably be here another 2-3 hours. The work is piled on my desk. This is not an exaggeration. We can't leave files out in the open due to FINRA, so things we're working on go in special filing cabinets under our desk. This week, I sunk to a new low and stole an empty one from the currently (but hopefully only for another 2 weeks) empty cubicle. I had too much stuff to fit in my 3 pending places.

So yes, March stinks when you're in an industry so impacted by tax season.  It's really crunch time.  Everyone needs something. April isn't as bad because a) people are mostly done with their taxes and b) by halfway through the month, you're mostly done.

However, last March was a good month.  At least, the last few days of it were good.  I took a special trip and got engaged to a special man. 

And what a year it's been....