Sunday, February 26, 2012

Wedding Things

In addition to the people who made our wedding so special, here are some of the special details/fun pictures.
The programs that almost cost me my sanity...

My bouquet, made by my friend Jody

My friend did an amazing job on the flowers! We spent a Friday night and part of a Saturday on them, but I loved how they turned out. (And by "we," I mean I was there while she did 99% of the work. My 1% involved cutting wire or something....) We needed to use fake flowers anyway because my mom is so allergic. But it worked out well!
Two adorable flower girls needed two flower baskets! We got the baskets from David's Bridal so the ribbon would match the bridesmaid dresses exactly, but you can't tell from this picture. Petals were from Hobby Lobby.

Shoes #1 for pre-wedding pictures

My ceremony/reception shoes with our rings on them!
     I was shoe shopping and having trouble deciding between pink shoes and white shoes.  I also had trouble finding shoes the right height. (I didn't want to tower over John in the pictures the way I would in the white shoes.) Eventually I decided that if there was one day I was entitled to get two pairs of shoes for, it was our wedding day. So I had the white ones that I LOVED from DSW and then the pink ones from Payless.


Another ring/shoe shot that I loved.

The outside shot of the church.

A shot of the sanctuary

Aerial view

Groomsmen tuxedo

The dress!

Our Guestbook, made with our engagement pictures

Where I was hanging out....


  1. I loved your pink shoes! =) Glad you were able to have a special treat on that very special day. =)

  2. Looks like a beautiful wedding location! Love the pink shoes!!!