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Well, I had this post about 85% done. And..... blogger ate it.  Do you feel better now, blogger? Were you that hungry that you needed to eat my post? My post that I had worked on two different occasions last week? Do you think it's easy to find time to write and rewrite blog posts while working 55 hour weeks and still having to take care of life in general? Oh, and we got a new kitty this week. Busy, busy, busy.

Bad Blogger.

I shall now attempt to finish this whole post in one sitting since apparently "Save" now equals "Make all my hard work disappear."

So back in September, I had an idea.  I was thinking about how John was going to be spending his 30th birthday away from "home" (for his first birthday ever), away from his family for the first time, and how it was a really big birthday. So I had an idea.  I e-mailed my mother-in-law and asked if she might want to come up for a visit if I flew her up as part of John's birthday present. She loved the idea.  She wanted to see him too! So we started planning. I also decided to throw him a surprise party.

At that time, John was still working in the warehouse where he had weekends off, a normal schedule, etc.  Unfortunately for the surprise aspect, he has since switched jobs. He sells furniture now, which is a much more varied schedule. And of course, not a Monday through Friday job as they are busiest on the weekends. So we had to change our plans, dates of the trip, etc. a couple of times.

All week long leading up to his birthday, I had been telling him that I was taking Friday off to celebrate his birthday and that I had a big day planned. But I wouldn't give him any details. At that point, I was planning to say we were leaving for the day, as we were driving tell him I needed to "pick something up" at my parents' house.  The "something" would be his mom!  (My parents graciously provided transportation to and from the airport to make this all work!) We would then go to downtown Detroit, have lunch, and see the Detroit Institute of Arts. That night we would go to my parents' for dinner, where my mom was making one of John's favorite meals - fried chicken!

Then, the weather predictions happened.  My parents were worried with the bad weather they were predicting all the extra driving wasn't good. So they wanted to bring her directly to our house.  Then we could go from there.  So the plan had to shift and I had to do some quick thinking on how to get John out of the house, but still be close for we could head straight back!

We left the house and I told him we were going to Barnes and Noble. He was like "Really? My birthday surprise is.... Barnes and Noble?" I told him yes, but he got to pick something out! He still seemed underwhelmed and confused. ;) We walked around the store a few minutes, got some Starbucks, and he picked out two Star Wars bobbleheads.  I got a very slight nose bleed (weather changes) but made it sound more dramatic and WE NEED TO GO HOME BEFORE OUR OTHER PLANS!!! I need medicine!!!! (It was very minor and no medicine would help it. hehe)

We get home and my parents are there. They tell him they brought his birthday gift over. He's like "oh, hey." Then he sees his mom. He kind of went into shock! He couldn't really process it right away! But once he did, he was sooo happy! But still so surprised. He even said a couple of times "Is this really happening? Is this for real?"

We went to lunch after showing her the house (and Leo). After that, we went to a large mall near the house and walked around. The DIA would have to wait because of all the changing plans and a funeral my parents needed to go to, etc.  Then we went to my parents' and then went home and slept. We were all worn out - Sharon from getting up at 1:30 a.m. to fly in, me from the activity and busy week I'd been planning this, and John from waking up at 5 a.m. excited about his surprise day.

Saturday was more laid back. John had to work and I had a funeral for my childhood pastor.  We went up and saw John at work, which was nice. And SURPRISE! They were letting him off Sunday for his birthday and his mom's visit! This was great for him, bad for our surprise party. :) So we spent Saturday when he wasn't around trying to figure out how to get him out of the house for a few hours. They let John off early, so we all went to dinner.  While on the way, he decided we should get together with a few friends for a birthday  dinner. So I "texted" a few people.  Oh, and at one point, he "jokingly" asked "There are no more surprises are there? I don't think I can take any more."  Rather than lie, I said "Babe, when could I have planned anything else? I didn't know you'd have your birthday off until today!!!"

Sunday came. We got up, had a special birthday breakfast, and went to church.  After church, we came home and I made lunch.  Then, I distracted him while I put the tv out, and he came in. Surprise!  Then I "left for church" (the afternoon service where I am the children's minister) and he and his mom left to hang out alone for awhile. (We had tried convincing him to take her to a movie, but there was nothing they both wanted to see.) As soon as they left, I drove back around and started hurriedly setting up for the party. (I had someone cover for me at church.) Guests arrived, were smuggled downstairs, and then eventually John and his mom arrived. Almost EXACTLY when I had hoped for them to arrive! Yay! She had to do some major stalling..... needing to stop for batteries, etc.

He changed clothes to "go out to dinner" and then I told him he needed to come downstairs. I said I thought something was wrong with the aquarium. In fact, I may have blamed the cat.  And told him there was water everywhere. (The not lying the day before? Out the window at that point apparently!)

Surprise! I won't post the video again, but he was very surprised.  It was a great party and we had a lot of fun. A Mexican fiesta with Star Wars and 30th birthday decorations!

 Leo loved Camille and the decorations, but as you can see from the below picture? Not Jason.

Family picture!

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  1. So fun...your basement is HUGE! =) Love seeing all the pictures.