Sunday, February 12, 2012

Rehearsal Dinner

My blog is kind of like my online scrapbook. I'm writing things months later that probably no one but me will be interested in reading.  But I like to look back on memories, so here we go. Finishing the wedding wrap-up!

Our rehearsal dinner was hard to plan. I think we changed plans multiple times - from using the church and making the food to restaurants, etc. We kept changing our mind based on trying to find a balance of convenience and cost effectiveness. 

We finally settled on a restaurant near our house. We chose Mexican food because it's John's favorite.  They have a back room that could hold all 50 of our guests.

We gave out our gifts to everyone involved. (Except our flower girls, guest book attendant, and program attendant as they hadn't arrived yet. NEVER order from Seriously.) The ladies got pink pearl earrings, necklaces, and bracelets inside of a jewelry bag with their initial on it. The guys got a set that included a knife with their name engraved on it, a flashlight, and a compass. Those involved in the ceremony other ways (singing, playing, and reading) got a card and gift card.  Our ushers and ring bearers both got toys as well as something to remember the day by. Our minister got a book on Noah Webster (someone he talks about a lot) and a CD set by a favorite speaker on Colossians. What's funny is it turns out he had just said at church two days prior that he was taking a fresh look at Colossians. The gifts had been ordered long before that!

The dinner was short as we had to get to our bachelor and bachelorette parties. It was still fun, though I felt like I didn't have much time with people. Here are some pictures!

Cute Brayden loved his first tastes of Mexican food!
The group
Bride and Groom (bad lighting!)

With my sissy, Delia!
Memorial Flower Attendant Camille

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