Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Expanding our Family!

No, not like that. I am NOT pregnant. :)

However, we do have a new addition.

Meet Leonardo, Leo for short. (Though he also answers to "kitty," "kitty cat" "pretty kitty" and "kitters.")

Please excuse the poor quality of the picture. Leo didn't want to pose AND I was using my cell phone.

So, I've never had a pet before. After we got married, John got an aquarium, so we've had some fish.  At one point, he wanted a dog, but we decided now was not the time. Dogs are expensive ($275 to ADOPT from the HUMANE SOCIETY???). Dogs require a lot of time.  Dogs would not appreciate the fact that we both routinely work 12 hour days.

So we decided to stick with the fish.  Until last Thursday.

Last Thursday, I was at work, minding my own business when suddenly two kittens appeared. Someone who works for the office that we share space with had brought her daughters' with their "Christmas gifts."  I saw these kittens, held one, played with them and instantly wanted one!  So I wrote John "I want a kitten."  I didn't think anything would come of it.  But he was like "Oh, okay. We'll go look tomorrow."

Friday came. I had taken the day off because I had one 2011 day off that I needed to use and with his work schedule (all day both weekend days) we haven't had as much time together lately.  After we ran a few errands, we went to the Humane Society.  They didn't have any kittens, but they had several cats!

We looked at one named "Sully" first and then "Malcolm."  Malcolm was the cat for us.  But Malcolm was not the name for us.

As we were driving home, we started tossing around names.  When we came to "Leonardo," he meowed for the first time. Sure enough, every other name we said he was silent. Every time we said "Leonardo," he responded with a meow.

He's the sweetest, friendliest cat I've ever met. He's very thin, so we're hoping he starts putting on weight.  He's playful and loving.

He's apparently a 3-year old tabby.

I love him. :)


  1. exciting! I wish we weren't allergic to cats...I wouldn't mind one. As it stands, we have the one down the hall causing a ruckus all the time and it's actually annoying, so I'll be content with our hamsters. =) Enjoy!