Monday, November 28, 2011

Our First Thanksgiving!

You know, someone more intelligent would have thought to take a picture of our first "real" holiday and definitely our first Thanksgiving. (Not that Labor Day isn't a real holiday, but it was two days after we got married, and really isn't a major/major holiday like Thanksgiving.) Alas, the only picture we took all day was one of John posing in a Star Wars cut-out at the movies.

Our Thanksgiving plan had been to go down to Alabama for Thanksgiving. That, however, changed when our closing date on the house was set for the Tuesday before Thanksgiving! When else would we have 4 days off to move? And was it feasible to close, drive 30-some hours in a weekend, then come home and try to move? We decided it wasn't.

Normally, this would mean we would go to my parents' house for Thanksgiving, right? Wrong. Because we were going to be out of town, they had made plans to go out of town! We officially had no parents to run to hoping for a Thanksgiving dinner. Would this mean I had to cook? Could I cook a Thanksgiving dinner? Could I cook a Thanksgiving dinner with 90% of my earthly possessions in boxes?

Thankfully, sanity prevailed and we decided no. So we decided we would be going out for dinner somewhere. Then one of my dear friends invited us over, so we going to be able to eat a delicious Thanksgiving dinner with loved ones, just non-related loved ones! Dinner was set for 3 o'clock.

That morning, we slept in a little, and then John moved some boxes over to the new house while I got up and started making him a special breakfast and baking a homemade gluten-free pumpkin pie for dinner. We relaxed and ate breakfast, did more packing, and then we went to the movies. We saw the Muppet movie. It was cute and kind of fun watching something we both remembered from our childhood.

After the movie, we went home for about half an hour and then left for dinner. Dinner was great. I took my wedding album because I knew Dy (my friend) and her mom would want to see it. (Dy was one of my bridesmaids, so many of the pictures were of her!) We had a nice dinner where we talked about everything from religion to politics to guns. Pretty much every topic you're not supposed to talk about at the Thanksgiving table? We covered it. We cleaned up and relaxed, and then more people came over for dessert. We ate dessert and then played games. Around 7:30, we left because we still had some Black Friday route making to do.

Unfortunately, Black Friday this year was not as good as past years. :( Maybe it was what I was looking for, or maybe it was the tighter funds due to the move. But we did very little shopping that night. I actually got some sleep! This doesn't happen!

But overall, it was a great Thanksgiving with lots to be thankful for!

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  1. fun! I'm glad you didn't have to 'go out' some place and had the chance to be with friends.

    Can't wait to see your new house. =)