Monday, October 10, 2011

Wedding Week Part III - the Nephews are HERE!!!

So Thursday started bright and early. Initially, I wasn't supposed to work. But due to the craziness of the week and not being able to stay late Wednesday, I decided to go in for an hour before people got there just to finish up a couple loose ends. So I was up at 5:30, at work from 6:30 - 8, and managed to finish up a couple things, assign some miscellaneous items to staff, etc.

After that, I headed to the gym (still hoping to be in optimal wedding shape). After an hour, I left to clean up and start my errands. After showering, my errands included picking up 2 gift cards, going to Kinkos for the escort cards and programs, picking up bread I could eat for communion, going to Lakeside to pick up gifts we had ordered for the nephews (ring bearer and usher gifts), stop at the bank, and pack for where I was staying the next 2 nights. Oh, and I wanted to clean my house. And I needed to be at the airport by 2.

Yeah, right......

Left the condo around 9:30. Headed first to Kinkos. Let's just say figuring the right way to face the program paper, flipping pages, etc. took quite awhile. As in, I was done around 11:00. Then to pick up gift cards, bread, and make nail appointments. That took until around 12:30. (Everything takes longer when you're in a hurry.) At that point, I decided I would have to pack that night as I was about to pass out from hunger. I also was fielding calls from the limo people, wedding coordinator, and even work...

Eventually (slightly late), I headed to the airport to pick up the world's cutest children and their parents. Caleb and Evan had arrived!!!! Oh my goodness. I can't explain how great it was to see them. Evan was a little wound up from the plane trip. As in hilariously laughing and running around - the effects of jet lag on a 2 year old! We got back to my parents' house, and my dad had decided he would make airport runs #2 and #3. You see, there really is only one flight that's an option when flying from Singapore to Detroit. And really only one from Malawi to Detroit. The other flight didn't coordinate with either, so three runs (the middle one being in rush hour) was the only one available. They had to wait for awhile as my dad couldn't get back there in traffic in time, but it was okay.

John got to my parents' house and met my brother, sister, and nephews while we waited for my dad to get back with his family. Once they arrived, we ate dinner while my dad and brother left for the airport again. (See what a great dad I have?) This time, to get my cousin Daniel, who not only came in for the wedding but was a groomsman!

Oh my goodness. My nephews. Seriously. They are both adorable. They both are loving, sweet, and funny. Caleb, now 4, is so big now. He reads and everything. Evan, who said like 5 words last time I saw him, is a little chatterbox. Too cute for words. My heart...... they have it! (Don't tell John. Well, he knows. He has it too!)

Oh, and also, we had a groomsman and his wife stop over with their baby to shower before a meeting. That was also just arranged that day - yikes. My mom is also quite the trooper.

After dinner, we hung out for a little while and then John, his mom, sister, and brother-in-law to the house they were staying at. I was going to wait there for my beloved Ashley to arrive, but it was late and I still had so much to do that I decided to go back to my house after getting them settled (I knew from Ashley's texts that she was still 2 hours away) and pack and clean up a little.

I got the packing done... did a quick stop at Meijers, and around 11:45, Ashley texted me to say they had arrived!!!! Yay!!!!! I picked up my dear, dear friend (who had ridden with "best" man and random guy 16 hours with no air conditioning!!!) and headed to the house where we were staying. We got there and briefly talked to my other friend and bridesmaid who was staying with us (as John and his family and 2 friends had taken over here house) and then headed to bed.

The next morning was setting up for rehearsal, which we were set to start at 8:30 (meeting at the condo to get the wedding stuff loaded, then be at the church by 9). I had a 10:00 nail appointment that morning. I had asked the bridal party if anyone wanted to go; the Ashleys did. It was nice to have that time with my two honor attendants!

Before leaving the house that day, we did a little brain dump. I thought of things that needed accomplished. We made a list and people who could helped (getting my rings cleaned, being in charge of making sure I ate, wrapping some gifts, and more). It was lovely.

We get to the condo at 8:30 to find they had loaded up the wedding stuff (yay!) but were under the impression we should stop for breakfast as they hadn't bothered to eat (boo!). Even fast food, do you know how long it takes 12 people to get breakfast at Burger King? I was determined to stay calm, but it wasn't the easiest task.

We finally get to the church. My amazing friend Jody is there; as were Jason and Jessica (more great friends). We unloaded the vehicles and I had about 15 minutes to describe what I wanted before leaving.

Ashley and I head to the nail salon where we were meeting Ashley. (Not at all confusing!) They were getting pedicures and I was getting a manicure and pedicure. The pedicure went smoothly. The manicure - not so much. I'd never had gel or acrylics before and they're quite the time consuming process! Especially when you smudge them leaving. Three times..... yes, they redid the one nail THREE times.

Three hours later, we finally left the nail salon (for good!). Ashley needed her dress hemmed, so I needed to drop her off to do that, go to Lakeside to pick up the ring bearer gifts, and get ready for rehearsal (all in less than an hour and a half). This wouldn't be so bad except a) Lakeside is a half hour away, b) the place to drop her off was a fifteen minutes the other direction, and c) I also had to go because had messed up an order so bad that it wasn't arriving until that day so I needed to see if it had arrived. I was seriously thinking I was going to be late for my own rehearsal.

Saved by Linda, a bridesmaid who arrived in town about 8 hours earlier than expected that day! She went to the store to pick up the Things Remembered gifts. :) That saved over an hour.

Gifts weren't at the house when I left, so while I was frustrated, in one way it was one less thing to worry about (5 gifts less to wrap). So I headed to the place I was staying at. There, they reminded me to eat (hehe. seriously, I was shaking) and I was able to do my online check-in for the cruise.

I quickly got ready, and got to the church for rehearsal. Everyone else did, eventually, as well.

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