Sunday, October 2, 2011

Wedding Week Part II

So, where we left off last time, we were having problems with the best man, we needed to find a limo, and we had no music for the ceremony. Stress levels were rising.

Sunday night, everything (this word being used loosely as you'll read in following posts) with the best man resolved. He decided to stay for pictures. We also bought approximately 30 cards at Hallmark - bridal party totalled 25 by the time you include ushers, guest book attendant, program attendant, etc. Then we had a reader, two singers, two pastors, etc.

On Monday, I worked from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. During breaks at work, I looked into limos and printing for the programs. I had finished the program on the computer without realizing that printing them would be so expensive.... way more than I had expected. So I was trying to find solutions.

We ate dinner with dear friends who John was staying with for the week (he had pet sat for them the previous two weeks). After that, we went to get John a hair cut (I went with him so they would cut it how I wanted it!), and went to Staples and Michaels to find program paper (as a solution to all the printing) and escort cards for the reception. We were completely unsuccessful with the program paper, but successful with the escort cards. I dropped John off around 9:30, and then headed to the gym. I went home
and typed up the escort cards.

I also called a friend, Amber, who was singing in our wedding to ask if she could play the piano for the wedding as well. I thought it was a long shot, but.... she could!!!

On Tuesday, one of my bridesmaids came to do errands with us! Our tasks were:
*pick up several more corsages and bouitineers (they didn't have enough when I bought the other ones)
*programs, programs, programs
*buy sandals for John to take on the honeymoon
*and, oh yeah, we need gifts for our ushers and ring bearers! We wanted to get them something for now (fun) and a keepsake type gift. For the ring bearers, we were totally covered on the "for now" but we had no idea what to get 4 boys, ranging in age from 2 - 8 for a keepsake.

Hobby Lobby had everything we needed for the bouitineers and corsages. As well as.... something else that I can't remember. Family Christian bookstore had paper we could use for the programs; unfortunately, it would require redoing the WHOLE THING. As in, the program that I had worked on for 3 hours was no longer any good. Yeah.... a bummer. But eventually I decided it was worth it.

A quick run to the mall had us getting John's sandals and ordering gifts for the nephews (ushers and ring bearers). We then exhaustedly returned to Dyanna's (the bridesmaid who was with us) and we ate dinner. Another long day over. Except it wasn't over..... I sat up redoing the program template until around midnight!

Wednesday was supposed to be date night, but we had too many last minute things to do. Reception music CD, taking things to different places, etc. And we still needed to find transportation. So we had to cancel our date night. :( It was supposed to be our night to relax before everyone came to town the next day, but it wasn't to be. After work, I had an appointment for some beauty treatments, and after that, we made time for dinner at Outback. Other than that, was more errands.

In good news, we found a limo! They said they would be able to hold the whole bridal party and their price was very reasonable! Yay! So now we had transportation for the WHOLE bridal party to the pictures and then to take us to the hotel after pictures. Yay! (Again, this will be another important detail later!)

In bad news, the night was stressful because of a certain member of the bridal party ONCE AGAIN causing drama. It had started the night before, but really came to a head that night. Yes, the one who wanted to leave early for pictures. To recap, this same person had a) originally decided he was bringing 3 extra people with him, b) changed that to 1 extra person, c) maybe wasn't coming, d) was coming but leaving early, and e) now was coming and insisting he could bring an extra person to the rehearsal dinner (in addition to the wedding, where he already was bringing an extra person). Problem is, we were already at capacity for the rehearsal dinner location! We were already pushing what they had told us our maximum was. Plus, after all the drama, to be told "I'm doing this no matter what you say or what proper etiquette is" isn't fun. But we were afraid if we said no he would decide not to come. At that point, I didn't even care that much except he was the transportation for my maid of honor. Sigh. Eventually, I decided just to e-mail him that I didn't think it would work for him to come, but we'd let him know.

Thursday was a big day. Three airport trips kind of big! Yay! Oh, and when I didn't have to work.... or did I? Part III coming up!

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