Saturday, October 1, 2011

Wedding Week - Part 1

Hi, readers! I'm back! I'm going to do a series of posts on the wedding/honeymoon experience, starting with the week leading up to the wedding. Once we get to the wedding one, there will be plenty of pictures!

First off, it's hard (make that nearly impossible) to believe that these events were happening a MONTH ago. Really? Wow. I thought time was flying because of the wedding, but it's been even faster now! (One reason I really need to start writing? Because I don't want to forget things.)

So about 3 weeks before the wedding, we made a master list of everything we could think of that we needed to do. From thank yous to the attendants to buying markers for the guest book, it was all on there. And then I added to it throughout. I also assigned dates to do it all. The goal was to finish everything the weekend before the wedding so we didn't have anything to do the week of the wedding.

Now, I knew that that was highly unlikely. My theory was that if we didn't have anything scheduled for that week, we would be able to do anything that didn't get done. And it kind of worked! Come that Monday, we still had a lot to do, but nothing overwhelming except last minute things that we had to wait on.

Don't get me wrong.... we were busy. Making matters worse was we were in the middle of a huge crunch at work. A 10 hour a day average for the 3 weeks leading up to the wedding.... yeah. Working 10 hours a day, working out daily in an attempt to lose weight for the wedding, plus doing wedding stuff is busy!

So, the weekend before the wedding got crazy. On Friday, I got a text saying that our musician for the ceremony might not be able to make it. Kind of an important position to fill! However, they wouldn't be able to tell us for sure until Monday!

Sunday, our last weekend as a single person, consisted of church, packing for the honeymoon, and buying cards for the attendants and everyone else involved in the wedding. And dealing with drama from the best man who let us know he was planning on skipping out of the wedding reception early to go to a Tiger game. Now, this might not seem like that big of a deal, but we were taking most bridal party pictures after the reception to minimize the time our guests had to wait between wedding and reception. John didn't really want to tell his friend no and risk upsetting him, but I was very upset at the thought of not having the whole bridal party there for pictures. Now, if it were for a great reason (sickness, something unavoidable, etc.) I would not have been a bridezilla. But to go to a baseball game of a team you're not even a fan of?

Also, that weekend, it became apparent that it was important to John that we get a limo for the reception to pictures to hotel. I had thought it was one of those things that would be cool but not necessary. Then we thought we'd found one, and he was so excited that I decided, if at all possible, I was going to get one for him.

So now, we're less than a week out, we're possibly down a best man for pictures, a musician, and we have no transportation.

Part 2 to follow!

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  1. Are you sure you want to remember all this?!!?!?!? =)

    I am thankful, that these 12 years later, I have had some lapses in my memory. I do remember being very busy...but thankfully I can forget most of the un-pleasant things that were part of that blessed day!

    Yours was a beautiful we can thank God for that! Looking forward to Pt.2!