Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Tacky? Um, yeah.

I have seen many tacky things lately. Some have been humorous; others sad. Most of them have been in relation to wedding planning.

For example, today I found this blog through a message board on the Knot. Really? I mean, really? "Hey, everyone, we don't want to pay for our wedding. You do it!" Tacky....

Also, recently on one of The Knot's message board, there was a post from a bride who, along with her groom, was planning on incorporating changing her facebook status from "engaged" to "married" during their wedding. As in, at the altar! During the ceremony! I saw this on the news when someone did it a couple years ago, but I can't believe people are still doing it. Her reasoning? The girls she works with at church (ages 12-15, I might add) always say "It's not official until it's facebook official." But really? I say tacky.

And now for the more humorous.... there is this website. A lot of those are truly unbelievable!

Just please, if I ever do a blog post that leads you to think my wedding might look anything like this or this or especially this, please slap some sense into me. Or comment some sense into me. It will be time for an intervention.

Thank you.


  1. I guess they like their beer?!!?!

    If it's gets that bad, I'll happily slap some sense into you. =)

  2. LOL....that picture is hilarious!! But, no. I would never have enjoyed something like that.

  3. OMG...that pic is hilarious! :)

    Yeah, the whole telling other people to pay for the wedding is kinda tacky. I wonder if it worked?? ;)


  4. The tackiest thing that I have EVER seen that is wedding related is... a bride doing a Keg Stand in her wedding dress! Seriously!
    Kind of awkward to ask people to pay for their wedding! City Hall is cheap! They should just do it there!