Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Tacky? Um, yeah.

I have seen many tacky things lately. Some have been humorous; others sad. Most of them have been in relation to wedding planning.

For example, today I found this blog through a message board on the Knot. Really? I mean, really? "Hey, everyone, we don't want to pay for our wedding. You do it!" Tacky....

Also, recently on one of The Knot's message board, there was a post from a bride who, along with her groom, was planning on incorporating changing her facebook status from "engaged" to "married" during their wedding. As in, at the altar! During the ceremony! I saw this on the news when someone did it a couple years ago, but I can't believe people are still doing it. Her reasoning? The girls she works with at church (ages 12-15, I might add) always say "It's not official until it's facebook official." But really? I say tacky.

And now for the more humorous.... there is this website. A lot of those are truly unbelievable!

Just please, if I ever do a blog post that leads you to think my wedding might look anything like this or this or especially this, please slap some sense into me. Or comment some sense into me. It will be time for an intervention.

Thank you.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Miscellaneous Monday and Upcoming Post

Wow, so much going on, so little blogging. I have a thousand thoughts rolling around in my head, so I'm going to do a little brain dump/update.

-Tonight, John went with me to the gym for the first time. He thinks I'm trying to kill him. :) Okay, not really, but he did work out hard for the first time in ages. We ran/jogged over 2 miles, worked our chest, back, abs, legs, and biceps. It felt good. He felt good and tired when it was over. But he was proud of himself. I think we each want to lose about 20 pounds before the wedding which is only 10 weeks away, so we have our work cut out for us!

-Last Saturday was my bridal shower, but I think that's going to be it's own post. But I did want to mention it.

-We have invitations! They'll be going out soon - yay! Speaking of that, I tried cutting down our guest list this weekend. I was somewhat successful? From 545 to 538? I did cut more than that, but then I added a few.

-Work has been crazy. A lot going on.... we actually fired someone who hadn't really been working very much (2 probations, lots of slacking, etc.) so I've been picking up extra work from that. But honestly, it's worth it not to have her there. Morale is much better.

-Music is coming together for the wedding. Very exciting.

-Major tuxedo drama this last weekend. We are cancelling our first reservations to rent from elsewhere (saving $210 total for the members in our wedding party) but that led to drama. I hate drama. Sigh.

-I dog-sat this weekend for one of my closest friends. The dog got to my house and after 2 minutes promptly went to the bathroom on the carpet. Sigh.

-I'm glad I was already planning on having my carpet cleaned.

Hope everyone is doing well! Now for the upcoming post part - I would like to do a question and answer post. (I've seen this on a lot of other blogs.) So, if you would like to ask anything and everything, please do as either a comment on this post or e-mail it to deannajw@comcast.net. Either when I have enough questions or next Monday, I'll do a post answering them. Thanks in advance for any participation!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Five Question Friday - June 10, 2011

Participating in 5QF for the first time in ages. If you want to link up, visit Mama's blog!

1. How close to your childhood dreams is your life now?
I had so many different childhood dreams. I wanted to be a teacher, an architect, an astronaut, etc. So really, that's a fluid concept. I did, from the time I was young, want to get married. I had a Barbie bride that I planned several "weddings" for. So I guess in that way, I'm getting closer!

2. What is one must have item for the summer?
Ice water. This might be a silly one, but I'm addicted to ice water. I drink it all. day. long. Constantly. I carry it with me. Currently, at work, instead of using my water bottle, I've started drinking it from a glass and straw. I fill up my glass about twice an hour some days.

3. Do you have your kids stay up on school stuff during summer vacation? (Or, if you don't have kiddos, did your parents make you keep up on school stuff during summer?)
My parents did not. I always loved to read though, and that's a big part of school stuff, so I always did keep up on reading. Once I even did a book report - just for fun.

4. Do you can or freeze fresh produce?

5. Do you get ready for the day first thing in the morning?
During the work week, yes. During the weekends, sometimes. How's that for a vague non-answer?

Have a great weekend everyone!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday - June 8, 2011

What I'm loving today.... linking up with Jamie!

Today I'm loving

-The evening I spent on the beach with my fiance'. He loves the water, and while the beach by my parents' house isn't an ocean-y beach, it was fun. We didn't swim, but we walked in the water a little. We also walked along the beach and in the shade. John loved seeing it, as he loves the water, and it was a nice relaxing evening. It also wasn't as hot when we had our feet in the water and the breeze off the water. (because it's ridiculously hot for this time of year.....)

-Getting better! I've been sick, sick, sick since Saturday. Today was the first day that I didn't run a fever. It was a high fever too. I was miserable. Now I'm only kind of miserable.

-Wedding invitations came in the mail! Yay! There's a lot of work to do to get them in the mail, but they arrived and I love them. :) I'll try to post a picture later.

-Wedding plans feel like they're coming together - in addition to the invitations, we have a piano player for the ceremony, possibly a violinist and cellist, and my wonderfully talented cousin Anita is singing a solo!

-Something I've been wanting to happen at work for several months is happening tomorrow! I don't want to post it until it actually happens, but I may post once it happen. :)

Happy Wednesday!