Saturday, April 2, 2011

A Week Ago.....

A week ago today, a wonderful thing happened.

This sweet, kind, wonderful man asked me to marry him.

Last Friday, I flew to Alabama for 5 days of time with my sweetie. It turned out to be quite the memorable weekend.

On Friday, we had a great night. He made me dinner (okay, so he heated frozen pizza, but it was sweet all the same). Then we went to Riverwalk in Tuscaloosa, which was a beautiful place I'd never been. The weather was perfect. After that we went to Starbucks. Just a perfectly lovely night. We weren't out to late (I'd had to get up to leave for the airport at 2 a.m. after working 14 hours the day/night before!)

Saturday morning was pretty relaxing. I slept in, and then we watched old home movies with his mom. We had plans that night to go to dinner with his mom, sister, and grandma. He said it was a little dressy, so to get dressed up. So I did.

We left the house around 2 or so I think and drove to his sister's house. We stopped at one store on the way, but probably got there around 3. After chatting with her for a few minutes, she went to get ready for dinner. While she was doing that, John asked if I would go outside with him for a minute. So we did. His sister and her husband have a nice patio/garden area. Once I sat down out there, John said he wanted to talk to me about something. Then he went behind the patio wall, and got a rose. Then, in true Bachelor style (which he teases me about watching), he told me the rose represented our love and would I accept the rose. :) Of course, I said yes. Then he reached into some flowers that hang in the area and pulled out a ring box, got on one knee, said some very nice things, and asked me to marry him!

Of course, I said yes to that as well! It was sweet and a beautiful moment.

After a few minutes, we went back inside. Once his sister was finished with what she was doing, we took some pictures, including a re-enactment of the "big moment."

Our dinner at the restaurant was actually a surprise engagement party. The restaurant, Wentzels, was a seafood restaurant right on the water. It was a lot of fun.

After dinner, we stopped by my friend Ashley's house. She had invited us to a party she was having, but we hadn't been able to go since we had alternate plans. Since she's the one who introduced us, it seemed fitting to go to her house!

Once we got home from her house, we sat outside and looked at the stars some, as well as lightning. There was a lot of lightning! But it was far away, so it was fine.

That night, other than my parents, we didn't really tell very many. I just wanted to enjoy the night before we made the many, many calls. 4 of my friends found out when I sent them a text message of the ring, but I wanted to wait to really spread the news until I could tell my brother. So we arranged a time to talk to my brother and family via Skype the next morning. We asked Evan and Caleb to be our ringbearers. They agreed...... if we promised them ice cream. Sigh. Skilled negotiators, those two! :)

After church, we called much of the family. (A.k.a. my aunts that I actually had phone numbers for..... note to self- update address book in phone!). After that, I told a few more friends via personal messages and texts before it went public on facebook. After that, it was a blur of congratulations. :)

On Sunday, we also set the date. We had wanted September 3rd for a lot of reasons. But we wanted to check with my parents because it's their anniversary. While I think that's cool, I wasn't sure if they would. But they did! So September 3rd, here in Michigan, we'll be getting married. We'll be having a separate reception in Tuscaloosa a few weeks later.

So now on to wedding planning! :)


  1. So very happy for the two of you! Trust that the Lord will continue to lead the two of you!!!! It is so exciting when you finally find "the One" that God has planned for you!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!

  2. So happy for you! And I loved reading about the proposal in detail since we couldn't hear very clearly over Skype. The boys are looking forward to the wedding and the ice-cream (I don't know which more) and so are we! Love you!

  3. Thanks for sharing "The Story" with us! Congrats again and have fun planning!

  4. oh my goodness congratulations!!! and thanks for following and voting :D

  5. Awwwww, congratulations!! That is so so exciting! What a beautiful proposal!! : ) Y'all look SO happy!

  6. Congrats friend!! I'm so happy for you!! That is awesome!


  7. How did I miss this??? CONGRATS!!!!!