Sunday, April 10, 2011

Strange Wedding Dreams..... Already?

So, usually, I don't have dreams that I remember. I don't know if I don't sleep deep enough or if I just don't remember them. I just know that I almost never remember my dreams when I wake up. If I do, it's usually because they're bad.

However.... lately I've been dreaming. I've been dreaming about the wedding. Actually, I can't even say "the wedding" because there was one very vivid dream about a wedding that wasn't mine. And even the ones that were "mine" I'm hoping are nothing like my actual wedding!

First off..... the very night I got engaged, I had a dream. The dream was my cousins Jeremy and Kim's wedding. They've been married for years! So, I don't know why I dreamed of their wedding. But in their wedding in my dream, all of Jeremy's siblings and their spouses were in the wedding (including spouses that weren't spouses when Jeremy and Kim actually got married. In fact, kids that didn't exist then where there.) Anyway, the normal wedding was occurring. Someone from the crowd declared the wedding boring. Loudly. To the point that Jeremy and Kim stopped what they were doing and said their wedding wasn't boring and..... they and the wedding party of Jeremy's siblings broke out into song and dance. As in, like a musical. Note to self, don't watch musicals while thinking about wedding planning too close to bedtime.

At least that dream was amusing. Very, very amusing. I mean, the song and dance number was very good. Talented cousins, they are. Especially in my dream!

Then a couple of nights ago, I was apparently quite stressed out and planning the wedding a little close to going to bed. In one night, I had two bizarre dreams.

In the first one, there were these random ladies (2 I barely know and 2 I don't know at all!) that were my bridesmaids and they were helping me get ready for the wedding. And I kept thinking "But I don't know you? Why are you here?" And then even more embarrassing, they started throwing me a lingerie shower.... while I was trying to get ready. And, not knowing them, I was quite uncomfortable with the gifts they were giving me. And I kept telling them we needed to hurry and get ready because it was time for the wedding. But they weren't listening so we were running terribly late! They kept insisting the wedding was the next day, and I was thinking (but not saying because I have manners even in my dreams) "How do you know? You're not even supposed to be here!!!!!!"

Then in a closely related dream that same night, I was running late to the wedding. But I eventually get there and..... instead of John, there is some other guy there. I'm like "Who are you and why are you here?" He insisted we were getting married, and I was like "No we're not! I don't even know you!" And nobody else seemed to think it was weird either that this guy I'd never met was trying to marry me instead of John!

According to my friend Ashley, she had weird dreams leading up to her wedding and everything went fine the actual day, so I'll take it as a good sign. ;)

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  1. Oh dear...I don't remember strange dreams...but it's been so long now, who knows if I just forgot. =)