Wednesday, March 2, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday - March 3, 2011

Hello, What I'm Loving Wednesday, as seen on Jamie's blog.

Things I'm loving this week:

Good times with good friends. :) Over the last week, I've had dinner with several sweet friends, two of whom brought their sweet babies. I had a wedding shower for 2 other great friends, and sat with several friends. Last week, I had a rough week in many ways - emotional stuff that I don't quite want to write about yet. But it was terrible situation and made for a stressful, emotional week. So I have to say, it makes time spent with loved ones extra sweet. Time spent appreciating people now while I can.

It is the month where spring officially starts. I'm ready to start wearing cute spring shoes with bright nail polish on my toes again. The weather is currently 20 degrees, so it could still be awhile....

Doctor appointment today Now, I hate going to the doctor. But today I felt, for the first time in a long time, like we're getting close to a solution. We're getting closer to knowing what's wrong and having a plan. And, out of my (seemingly many) doctors, this one is my favorite.

That's it for now. Peace out!


  1. Deanna! Love the feature that Jaime created. Your list is cute. I'm so happy to know that theirs light at the end of the tunnel with you finding a solution to what's wrong. I'm sending you positive thoughts!


  2. I love spring!! And good times with good friends!! Since we are twins separated at birth, it's a shame we don't live closer. I think we would have lots of fun hanging out!! :)

    Hope the doctor appointment went well, I'll be praying for ya!


  3. I'm very ready for the "real" spring to start happening too :)
    My feet are tired of being covered in socks!