Thursday, March 3, 2011

Thursday Thirteen - 3/3/2011 13 Things I'm Bad At

So tonight, at the gym, I tried a class called Zumba. Most of you have probably heard of it. You dance about in a workout-ish way. I. was. terrible.

No, really.

So, since I hadn't decided what my Thursday Thirteen would be, in honor of Zumba, I decided to post 13 things I am bad at. (Nobody get nervous.... I'm not wallowing in low self-esteem. I just thought this could be a fun post.)

For the inspiration of all Thursday Thirteen posts, please visit Rachel's blog. Rachel is one of my very favorite bloggers. In fact, we are beginning to think we are twins separated at birth!

1) Obviously, Zumba. Zumba requires coordination..... rhythm.... and apparently some kind of hip swivel that my hips just don't get. I'm pretty sure I heard my hips laughing at me for even trying to get them to.

2) Ironing I don't do it often, but when I do? Well..... it doesn't quite have the intended results. It takes 3-4 times to iron one item.

3) Cleaning my house Yeah..... I have problems cleaning the house. I'll start out well, but then I lose interest. Eventually, it gets done, but I am SO not Martha Stewart.

4) As previously mentioned, reading maps, getting to where I'm going, etc. Yeah. The GPS was pretty much made for someone like me. I can go someplace 20 times and still need directions. I can get lost in a parking lot (no, really. I have.). I just don't have the best spatial awareness skills. Or map reading skills. Or...... I don't know what. Finding places skills?

5) Sleeping I have trouble sleeping sometimes. I don't sleep a lot each night, though that's getting better. But the last few nights, I've woken up at 2ish a.m. Not fun.

6) Getting up in the morning Big fan of the snooze button. Huge fan, in fact.

7) Pushups Even when I'm in pretty good shape, pushups are one of those exercises that I struggle with!

8) Softball/Baseball Let's see.... I can't hit the ball. I'm afraid to try to catch the ball. I'm okay at throwing it (not pitching) but with being afraid to catch it, you don't get much chance to throw it!

9) Printing Pictures I used to be very good about putting all my pictures in albums once I developed them. They were always perfectly in order. It was all very neat and orderly. Now that I have a digital camera, that's all gone by the wayside. When I actually do print them, they never quite make it into the album.

10) Dealing with Blood Oh my. When I was teaching and children would have loose teeth, they would want to show me. And I would want to vomit. Seriously. I can't even look at blood on tv without cringing.

11) Trying New Foods As the world's pickiest eater (except maybe Rachel), I have trouble trying new foods. I know I probably won't like them. I'm not an adventurous "foodie." And if they're a strange color or texture, it's even harder. Like, I can get sick just thinking about it!

12) Keeping My Car Clean I think it's because I go so many places that I take so much in my car that I just end up leaving things behind, it gets messy, etc. And I almost never vacuum it.

13) Staying Away from Social Networking I check facebook about 25 times a day. I check twitter a lot as well. I'm not good at avoiding it. I start wondering what I'm missing!


  1. Well, my mother loves her Zumba class...and I'm glad I don't have to watch. =)

    If this post were titled "Things I don't like to do"...I'd be with you on a number - like ironing, cleaning, looking at loose teeth, trying new foods, pushups, etc. =)

    As to social networking, I will never join FB just because I think it's a great time to the internet in general, I have to really practice self control - I used to be on a lot more - even now, reading blogs could take me all day - so I just decide if I have time for it or not. Some days I miss it...but most of the time, I realize I have better things to do with my time. =)

    Anyway, I hope you have a great day...TGIF! =)

  2. With the exception of Kohl's, I agree, we are so the same person! Thanks for the lovely shoutouts!! :)

    Of course, I love to watch baseball, but I couldn't play it to save my life (I throw like a girl!)

    Have a great day!