Thursday, February 3, 2011

Thursday Thirteen - February 3, 2011

Today, I started to tweet something, then facebook it, and it inspired my Thursday Thirteen list. My Thursday Thirteen list for this week is

13 Signs That You May Spend Too Much Time on Social Networking Sites:

1) You have become an expert on keeping your thoughts to exactly 140 characters.

2) You really think someone not having a facebook account is a valid reason to not stay in touch.

3) When you want to check the weather, you just grab your phone to see if anyone has posted about snow.

4) When trying to text a friend, you find yourself looking in your phone's address book under their twitter handle instead of their actual name.

5) You actually play Farmville or Cafe'World. (I've never gotten into these facebook games, so I guess I'm good!) ;)

6) You are "friends" with people you rarely talk to and then when you actually see them, 86% of your conversation is either silence or "So, last week, I saw on facebook that you went grocery shopping. How did that go?"

7) You get more of your news on world events from facebook and twitter than actual news sources.

8) You put enough funny things on facebook/twitter about your co-workers that people you rarely talk to in real life will occasionally see you and ask about "The young man in your office who likes Taylor Lautner" and other miscellaneous sentiments. (Speaking of things said in the office, today has been a plethora of funny quotes. Case in point - I was just called a cougar.)

9) Your "hide" button use is quite skillful to keep certain people from seeing certain posts. (Okay, fine, your default is to keep just a couple of miserable human beings who you don't have the courage to delete from tormenting you....)

10) You answer 90% of event invites with a "maybe" just to keep your options open, even though you know 80% is really more of a "probably not unless I'm really, really bored."

11) You create events like "Recognize Your Beauty" day.... events where people aren't actually supposed to go anywhere and do anything. Events just for the point of events?

12) You get depressed at the sight of the twitter "fail whale." Now how will you keep up with news?

13) You look over the list you just wrote for your blog and feel slightly smug that you haven't done all of these. Clearly that means I don't have a problem, right? ;)


  1. Well, as I don't FB or Twitter, these make me smile. One reason I don't FB is because #6 and #2 annoy me...and I have no interest in it whatsoever. =)

    Have a great day Deanna!

  2. Facebook I'm an addict - I confess. Twitter - not so much.