Thursday, February 17, 2011

Thursday Thirteen - 2/17/2011

Thursday Thirteen time! In honor of my birthday (yay!), I'm going to write about 13 of my memorable birthdays. No particular order. :)

1) This year! Very easy to remember because it was yesterday. I worked all day and then went out to dinner with my parents. We went to Red Robin which is yummy. After dinner, I went to my friend Johnna's house and visited her and her sweet daughter for a little while. Vegas is one year old and so sweet!

2) Last year, my birthday celebrations stretched out. It was the big 3-0. :) You can read about it here. It involved time with many friends, a parties, and family time. It was a good one! Here's a picture from my joint party with Jessica!

3) 21st birthday
On my actual 21st birthday, I was at a Friday night service at church. At the time, it wasn't my home church, but it now is. Anyway, we had started
having weekly services with Damon Thompson. But other than that, I was thrown a surprise party. :) I could tell my mom was planning something. In fact, the Thursday before my birthday, I was pretty sure she was throwing one that night. To the point that when my class was cancelled, I didn't go home early. I was afraid I would ruin the surprise. But the party was actually Sunday. My friend Linda distracted me after church and several friends were there. :)

4) 5th
My 5th birthday is the first one I really have a memory of. I remember we were still in our old house (the one I lived in until I was 6) and I had a party. My friends came over along with some of my family. I also remember the gift my grandma gave me. Inside of each gift was another box. So really it was like 8 gifts in 1. It was fun. :)

5) 24th
On my 24th birthday, my parents and I went to New York for a few days. So I was able to spend it with my cousin, his wife, and their kids. Stephen, their sweet son, was 2 months old. I got to spend the day cuddling a sweet baby. :)

6) 26th
This was not memorable in a good way. My friends blew me off, plans cancelled, and it was just overall not a fun day....

7) 28th
For my 28th birthday, it was the last day of my brother, sister, and Caleb's visit to the US. They had come in November and left in February. Much fun. Here is a picture of me, Caleb, Gage, and Cole.

8) 13th
Turning 13.... momentous. From a pre-teen to a teenager! We had a family party. It was fun.

9) 6th
This was a big one.... I had a McDonald's birthday party! This was majorly exciting at the time. :)

10) 29th
My wonderful friend Ashley came to visit me from Alabama. We had the greatest day. Well, other than the hospital visit.... but anyway. She made me breakfast. We went to downtown Birmingham, ate lunch at Hunter House, went to the Palladium and watched Confessions of a Shopoholic, walked around Birmingham doing some site seeing and shopping, went to Mom and Dad's for dinner, and had a great time! Here's a picture!

11) 16th
Sweet sixteen party! My friends came. My family came. My aunt brought me pink sweetheart roses and balloons. It was a good day. :)

12) 22nd
This was the last day before winter break while I was teaching. My students brought me cards and a couple of small gifts. :) Lovely!

13) 10th
We always celebrated my birthday with my grandpa. Our birthdays were 4 days apart. He was 60 years older than me. So when we celebrated my 10th, we celebrated his 70th. :) He died October 2009, but I definitely thought of him this past weekend on his birthday!

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