Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Tuesday Tests and Messed Up Sleep

This morning, I had two MORE tests. Unlike the last ones, these had to be done at the hospital. I don't like tests at the hospital. The hospital is big with campuses on both sides of the street, roughly 945 entrances, and bad parking. But it was what needed to be done. And it needed to be done on no food or drinks for 6 hours. That means, no morning coffee to navigate the hospital with! No!!!!! Torture!

I have to say, it does give new perspective on my sleeplessness when..... I couldn't sleep last night. No, not in my nice bed. No, barely on my nice couch. (I am finding the couch to be a little more comfortable since I'm more elevated and it's softer. The bronchitis and sinus infection have led to pleurisy, which makes the harder bed surface uncomfortable.) When did I fall asleep recently? On the exam table while having a medical test done - complete with an IV in my arm. And no, the IV did not have any "happy substance" to help me sleep. Is it me, or is this weird? Bed? No sleep. Couch? Little sleep. Hospital exam table? Dreamland!

Not to mention, last Friday (I think. My days are running together from inactivity.) I slept pretty good all night..... on the floor. Where I moved after trying the bed and the couch. Weirdness....

It's currently snowing an insane amount. We're supposed to get 6 inches. Oh joy. I hate snow. And by the way, unlike the South which closes in anticipation of snow flurries, everything will be open tomorrow....


  1. LOL...have to laugh about the south comment! =) and I WANT SNOW! Everyone is getting it but us! If it has to be cold and icky and I have to get NO sunshine in my life, I want white! =)

    I'm truly sorry you're still sick...and getting worse. You're in my thoughts and prayers!

  2. glad you liked it! sorry about the hospital :(