Thursday, January 13, 2011

Thursday Thirteen - 1/13/2011

So on twitter today, the awesome bloggy Rachel and I started talking about a childhood book series that we both loved. And that prompted me to write my Thursday Thirteen on books I loved as a child. And surprise! Rachel had the same idea! (Though hers might have been from before our twitter discussion. I don't actually know.) But I would encourage you to check hers out here. My book list here covers a wide range of ages - probably from 4 - 12, primarily. So if you're looking for a good book that takes you back, here's my list!

1. So the books that started the conversation on twitter were the Babysitter Club books! I read so many of these. I still own a lot of them (at my parents' house stored safely in boxes). I would read and re-read them. My favorite character was Kristy, though she was probably one of the ones I had the least in common with. I had a lot in common personality-wise as a child with Mary Ann. I wanted to start a Babysitters' Club with my friends, but we never got it off the ground! The first one I read was Kristy's Big Day.

2. Another book series that I loved was the Mandy series. The Mandy books were set in the 1800s. They were a Christian mystery series involving secret tunnels, travels, Native Americans, and of course her childhood best friend that she was going to marry one day.

3. I loved Nancy Drew mysteries! I read the old ones first. My aunt had a lot of them as a child and my grandma gave them to me. I also checked them out of the library a lot.

4. Which led to the more modern Nancy Drew case files. I loved those too! They were Nancy Drew, but more modern. Of course, seeing as I was born in the 80s, they are probably not still very modern. As you can see for yourself by the cover art.....

5. I loved, loved, loved the Ramona books! I still haven't seen the movie that came out this summer, but I definitely want to. I would read these over and over from the library! I think my favorite was the one where she was in her aunt's wedding, hemmed her dress with Scotch tape, and saved the day when the ring was lost.

6. The Amelia Bedelia books were some of my favorites as well, though when I was younger than many of the ones listed above. Her literal mind always amused me!

7. Did anyone else ever read these? They were called "Choose Your Own Adventure." At the end of a page (or sometimes multiple pages) you would have to choose what decision you would make. Then it would tell you what page to turn to next. And which ending you got and path you took was determined by the choices you made. You could do the book multiple times and it be different each time.

8. Corduroy.... the sweet little bear who came to life. This is definitely on the younger end of the spectrum. But there were several different Corduroy books, and I loved them!

9. I loved Little Women! It was one of my favorite books, and actually I would like to read it again! :) The story is a familiar classic - 4 sisters growing up during the Civil War. They experience loss, school troubles, love, death, separation from their father during the war, and through it all, stick together.

10. I loved this series as well.... The Gymnasts. It was about 4 friends (initially; more characters were added later) that did gymnastics together competing with and against each other. These books made me want to become a gymnast! Of course, with my lack of petiteness and lack of coordination, this was not a good possibility!

11.The Boxcar Children were 4 orphans that were sent to live with their grandfather. But before they got there (because they were afraid of him), they ran away and lived for a little while in an old railroad car. Of course, at the end of the first book, they met up with their grandfather and he was wonderful and kind so they lived with him.

12. I really, really liked mysteries growing up! The Trixie Belden series was another one I really enjoyed. There weren't as many of them, so I didn't read as many of them, but I loved what I read.

13. I loved reading the World Book Encyclopedia! The different subjects (animals, countries, people) were fascinating to me!


  1. Hi, Deanna! thanks for saying HI on my blog last week and for reading along!

    I loved reading Baby Sitter's Club, Nancy Drew, and Amelia Bedila too! Great list :-)

  2. So I Just saw this post...and I cannot tell you how excited I am that you love the Babbysitters Club.
    I had probablly a 100 of those books when i was younger. And my mom burned them.....another story that i'm not quite ready to relive yet lol.... so I only have like 10 left. But I treasure them. I could read them over and over again.