Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Word-y Wednesday

Today, I feel like writing but can't settle on any one subject. So you get a hodge-podge of my thoughts. :)

A couple of weeks ago I was in the store to pick up like 2 things. I ended up buying a Christmas tree - my first one. Last night, I finally got around to putting it up and decorating it. I watched Elf while I did so. I'm not entirely happy with it, so I may work on it more, but at least it's up. At this rate, with Christmas being next week, I may leave it up until the end of January.

Snow, snow, snow...... we've had plenty of snow this week. Of the "takes 90 minutes to go my usual 15 minute commute to work" variety. Have I mentioned that I hate snow? It's pretty, at first, but then it turns gray and ugly. And it's cold.... and wet.... and makes driving dangerous.

Christmas is in 10 days! Yikes! I'm excited, but a little sad. I love Christmas, but this Christmas season has gone by so quickly. I've yet to watch a single Christmas movie other than Elf last night. I've only been to one Christmas party. I haven't even wrapped gifts yet!

I am coming to the realization more and more every day that no matter how much I would like to have everything figured out with no uncertainty, I'm never going to attain that. Life will always continue to be full of surprises, twists, turns, etc. and I can embrace it or let it make me cry. Yesterday, I let it make me cry. Today, I'm embracing. :) I needed to adjust my attitude and so I did (for now anyway).

This weekend is going to be a Christmas-y weekend! I love it! Friday night, I have a birthday party, but it's an Ugly-Christmas-sweater birthday party. Saturday at church we have a Nativity Walk, which is where they set up many, many nativities (including a live one) for people to come walk through and look at, and then we eat Christmas cookies and watch a movie or two about Christmas. I'm volunteering at that. Then Sunday is church, and our children's choir will be doing their songs. Love!

Merry Christmas, everyone!


  1. I agree the Christmas season has gone by entirely too fast. I've only watched two Christmas movies, I have a lot to watch in the next 10 days!!

    Merry Christmas!!


  2. The problem is that everyone is soooo busy! I totally dislike all these things to do...and I just want to relax! We literally could have something to do every single day of this week, Sunday to Sunday...I just finally decided, "No Thanks!" I just don't want to do any more...I want to sit down, get warm...look at my tree...and maybe watch a Christmas movie. That's my idea of a good time! =)

    Hope you have fun this weekend!