Monday, December 13, 2010

Meet Me Monday

Snowy, blizzardy day in Michigan. It took me an hour and a half to drive the 8 miles to work. Tow trucks had spun off the road blocking portions of them. Yes, tow trucks were spinning off the road. And I was stressed because I went from being early for work to late, and my boss doesn't handle lateness well. And..... he's not even here. :) But I saw this on The Price Family blog
and thought it sounded fun.

How do you order your steak? Medium well. I don't like bloody meat at all!

Are you superstitious about anything? No, I'm not. I know God is in control!

Who is your best friend? Hmmm..... I have several super close friends. So I'm tempted to "cheat" and list three people. :) But instead, I shall behave and choose just one. My friend Ashley who I've written about before. We became friends in June of 2007 through some "interesting" circumstances (this could be a blog post in and of itself - maybe one day) and she is truly the one person who I talk to about anything and everything and all the time! She's there for the highs, she's there for the lows, and everything in between. But she lives far away..... (insert sad face here).

When is the last time your wore a dress (for the guys...a suit)? Um, less than 24 hours ago. I wear dresses often. Work, church, etc.

Do you have any trips scheduled? In two weeks, I will be going to Indiana and Chicago for the Christmas holidays. In three weeks, Chattanooga, here I come! :)


  1. I like medium well for my stakes most of the time, too! :)

  2. Awe...have a wonderful time away and safe travels!

    I like my steak well done and NOT burnt...there's a fine line and they never find it. =)

    Love ya and Merry Christmas!