Thursday, November 18, 2010

Thankful - Day 7

Wow, only one week left until Thanksgiving! I'm really surprised - both by how fast time is going and how bad I've been at blogging things I'm thankful for each day!

In honor of my usual "Thursday Thirteen," I'm going to incorporate that into my blog today. I'm going to list 13 people that I'm thankful for.

1. and 2. My parents. I'm close to my parents, and talk to my mom almost every day. We live about 45 minutes apart, but they're still willing to come and help me when I need something. My mom even likes to still do my laundry! They were great parents while my brother and I were growing up and they still are!

3. My brother. We don't talk very often.... due in large part to his living in Singapore. But I'm still very thankful for him. Growing up, we spent lots of time playing. He taught me basketball and football, and I only got hurt a few times. Hehe. We used to play basketball, the two of us versus like 6 neighborhood children. Because of him, we almost always won despite the numbers disadvantage. (His size and skill definitely worked in our favor.) The strategy was usually pass the ball to him and let him score. He's also a great writer, a wonderful speaker, and has given me a great sister-in-law and nephews!

Which brings me to 4. my sister-in-law Delia. I love her so much. She is a great friend and sister. She's fun, easy to talk to, and extremely caring! She's also a phenomenal mom to my two sweet babies!

5. My sweet nephew Caleb As you may be sensing from this post, family is important to me. Well, Caleb was definitely a great addition to the family! He'll be 4 in less than a month! Yikes! He's a thoughtful, sweet, adorable, kind, intelligent little boy. If only he lived closer......

6. My wonderful nephew Evan is little brother to Caleb and I'm pretty sure they keep my heart in their bedroom. :) His cute grins, his teasing personality, and his excitement makes him irresistable!

7. My friend Ashley. We live 13 hours apart, and still talk/e-mail/text practically daily. She is truly one of my closest friends and I'm very thankful for her. She cheers me up when I'm having a bad day, she prays for me when I need prayer, and she's wonderful in general. However, she is a bad blogger. Check out her blog here...... Notice how long it's been since she posted!

8. Another friend Ashley Ashley and I have known each other for a couple of years. However, we have become true friends within the past year. She's another one that I can talk to about just about anything (Not only can, but do!) We also have a great time hanging out and talking. We've been known to go to dinner at 6:30 and close the restaurant! Oops!

9. and 10. My cousins Anita and Kim These two wonderful ladies are actually married to my cousins, so I guess they're "cousins in law" but that just always looks weird to me. I think Anita was one of my main inspirations to blog because I enjoyed reading hers so much! Kim also blogs, but not as often. I do keep up with her on facebook more. One thing that they both have in common (among other things) is that they both have the gift of hospitality. They welcome visitors and do everything they can to make sure you enjoy your visit. They are also both wonderful moms to adorable children. :)

11. My friend Lisa This is the friend I went to visit in September. We've been friends for a long time - we worked together about 10 years ago. At that time, we weren't close, but have since become very, very close. If only she would move back to Michigan..... (hint, hint!)

12. My friend Lauren is one of the most loving people I've ever been around. You feel it just being around her. She's super-helpful, friendly, and writes a blog that often makes me think and I really enjoy. You can see it at

13. My Boss I'm watching The Apprentice right now. Watching the craziness of this show makes me more thankful for my boss. Donald Trump is CRAZY!


  1. Wonderful friends! =) You do have a great family!

  2. Yes! I barely made the list! haha