Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Thankful - Day 6

This should come as a surprise to no one, but I am very thankful for......


Seriously. I may be slightly addicted to coffee. I may drink 5-6 cups a day (okay, fine. 7-8). I may have had coffee this morning, coffee all afternoon, and a peppermint mocha for class tonight.

But it's okay, really. Want to know why? Because it's a vegetable. I drink it for my health.

You see, for those of you who didn't know it's a vegetable, coffee is made from coffee beans. Beans are vegetables. Therefore, it's like drinking a vitamin! There's nothing wrong with that, now is there?

Now, one serving of vegetables is great. But how to make it better? By adding another vegetable! Here's where the mocha comes in. What is chocolate made from? Cacoa beans. Therefore, chocolate is also a vegetable. So a mocha = 2 servings of vegetables!

The coffee was especially needed today because I got practically no sleep last night. I was really tired last night and ended up falling asleep on the couch around 9. Then, a friend woke me up by texting me at 11. No big deal. I got ready for bed and fell back asleep around 12. Then the same friend sent me a text at 2! (on accident, I will say) After that second wake-up, I could not fall back asleep all night. Then I had a very long day at work followed by a 2 hour class.

I'm very thankful for coffee!

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